Lost Animals and Animal abuse

By Daniel N.


Every year, approximately 7.6 million animals are sent to animal shelters. A lot of these animals are animals that are lost, or they were abused and found somewhere. Three to four million of the animals are euthanized, meaning that they are killed out of mercy to end the animal's suffering. Out of the animals that are lost, only 649,000 make it back to their owners, and considering the amount of animals that are SENT to the animal shelters, this is a very small amount. Some animals that are stray actually become injured, which could lead them to be euthanized.
As we can see, a lot of animals are lost or abused. A lot of people would be upset or sad about this, which we obviously don't want. You can help people and the animals by either donating to the site https://www.aspca.org/ or by making a group or event to help out people find their animals. You should also report any animal abuse so you can save them. If we do this, a lot of people will be much more happy, and you will have done a good deed!