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Volume 2, Issue 6, March 11, 2016

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This week's quote was selected by Savannah Cannon from the Current Events & News Club

In the Classroom Jia

Current News and Events is a Maverick Hour Club with I think about twenty people Here are what some people think about and like Current News and Events:

Roma- Because, I like writing and I can talk about things around our school.

Hiranya- Because, you get to work with other people and to come up with events to share with the school.

Ridhi- I think it's a fun club.

Logan-Ummm… It's pretty exciting to listen articles kids write.

Sathya- I read magazines, so I am comfortable with it.

Mayank- Because, it's just fun typing things.

Neha- Because, news and events gives you a chance to interview people.

Brenna- Because, news and events lets you see how other people think about the topics you write.

Amogh- I can type. And I can improve my typing skills.

Madison-I think it's good.

Asher- I think it's a good way for people to know what's happening.

Levi- It's good.

Ashley- It's great because, I can start my day by typing away and learning new and interesting things that I can share.

My own opinion about Current News and Events is that it's pretty decent. Also, it's a way to tell everyone about many things in school.

Spring Break Levi

We will be asking what kids are doing for spring break (down below)

Marshall :sitting around and playing on my Xbox

Payton : going to Mexico

Zach : sitting around and play Terraria

Alisha : playing on elections

Brandon : going to Arizona for Ranger spring training

Levi : going to space camp in Arizona

Aryan : I'm going to Hawaii

Savannah: Im going to six flags and staying home with my family and maby a sleepover!

Lance : I'm going to hang out with friends and play video games and sports

Asher : sitting and play video games

Mavs Dads Asher

Last Mavis dad day

Hi all the dads of Mockingbird the last Mav dads day is March 11 2016. The highest numbers of dads from any grade will get a gift voucher of something from a store. If each each dad for a grade level puts a picture to him on Twitter they will get double points so 50 dads with pictures is equivalent to 100 dads. If grandparents or another relative comes then you will also get a point for the relative that comes.

School newsBrenna

Parents as Teachers

Some of the kids like their parents being with them at school but others are embarrassed having them around all the time and knowing their good or bad grades and their behavior. Teachers on the other hand love seeing their kids walk down the hallways by their classroom. The teachers that have children in the same school can have lunch with them whenever they want.

DI Results Amogh

Di Results!

During the recent di tournament many challenges competed against each other and many of the teams from the high school and middle schools got an invitation into state. But in the Elementary levels there was a war to get into state and two of our teams managed to ingress the crowd and judges enough to get to state! Also there awards for most creative design in a challenge, and other awards other than the main state prize. This prize is called the da vinci award! And here is the breaking news for the day one team from MOCKINGBIRD got that award! So three out of twelve teams from mockingbird got an award although the da Vinci award does not mean that they are going to state. Also there were about one thousand kids in destination imagination this year, and more than one hundred teams that were competing. The competition was at Marcus high school in flower mound! There is two main parts of your challenge in DI the first part, most of the time is the main or contrail challenge, that is the challenge that you prepare for for all that Time that they give you from when you first start, all the way to when you get on stage for the main challenge. Then is the instant challenge that is 25% of your final grade, or score. The instant challenge is a handmade scratch challenge that you have no idea what it is about until you walk into the room. Usually instant challenges are between 150 points and 98 points. Next year I hope more teams join destination imagination! :)

Weather Jia Rosenbaum

So, today the highest weather today is 75 degrees and the lowest weather is 49 degrees. The highest weather for the weekend is on Saturday, it's 78 degrees and on Sunday, it's 75 degrees. The low temperatures are 53 and 60 degrees. And the highest temperatures are 72, 78, 70, 70 and 70 degrees. But the lowest temperatures are 60, 62, 59, 59 and 59 degrees. On Saturday, it's sunny and on Sunday, it's cloudy. On Monday through Wednesday, there's thunderstorms. But on Thursday, it's most cloudy and on Friday, there's going to be showers.

Polygons Hierarchy

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Dr Seuess Asher J

Dr. Seuss was born in 1904 in Massachusetts.

Graduates from high school in 1920 and marries Helen M. Palmer in the late 20s

Dr. Seuss wrote his first book in the late 30s "And to think that I saw it on mulberry street!"

In the late 50s he wrote and illustrated his second book the cat in the hat!

Dr. Seuss's wife dies in the late 60s :(

Dr. Seuss dies about 24 years later at age 87

The sources we used: Pebblego, and Dr. Seuss national memorial

More facts: as a young child Dr. Seuss loved reading and made money in later years after college by drawing and illustrating books for authors! Through his life he published more than 44 books and about a quarter of them won awards and or were made into movies!

GTI Expo Jia Rosenbam

The GTI expo is when fifth graders in GTI did a individual project about where they are going to college and what they are going to be when they grow up. They worked on it for the whole semester. Here are what some people think about it.

Neha- It was very hard and very consuming in time. It taught me many things of collage and jobs.

Mayank- Umm... It's fun, challenging and it helps you get smarter and a challenge.

Sathya- GTI is kinda hard, but it takes you through a journey. Plus I think that Ms. Ashby is trying to teach us the hard work needed for going to college and prior to our career.

Ashley- Uhh... It took a very long time, we did a lot of work and very stressful.

Roma- I thought it just a took a very long time, it was also very time consuming.

Manasa- It was a very difficult project and was very time consuming.

Sharyes- Well, so I like GTI because you get time out of class and it's very time consuming. Also, I like spending time with Mrs. Ashby.

What we think about the GTI expo is that it was helpful and that everybody worked hard. And we're proud of them.

5th Grade movie night

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Dr.Seuess Alex Chaar

Dr. Seuss's birthday

Dr. Seuss's birthday was on March first and is celebrated at Mockingbird Elementary ever year. Dr. Seuss had written children books such as The cat in the hat, Green eggs and ham,and The Lorax. Dr. Seuss was a children's author, and passion was making books for young children. Now Dr. Seuss is dead but many people still buy his books and celebrate his birthday and remember him for the amazing author he was. He would put wacky characters in his books to interest the readers , and would usually have a life lesson or moral at the end in his story's.

In The Classroom By Ms. Khan

Social Studies - Time for Kids

Math - Polygons

Language Arts - Poetry & Drama/Plays

Science - Rotation/Revolution & Sun/Earth/Moon Relationships

Bluebonnet Nominees by

Good news! The list of new Bluebonnet Nominees is out, and Ashley, Roma, and Hiranya have created your guide to the new nominees! Click here to see the contenders!

MKB Calendar via PTO News You Can Use

Upcoming and Important Dates:

March 11: Mavs’ Dads Day!
March 24: Esparzas AND Orange Leaf night

April 16: Run to Fund
April 19: Mintt night
April 29: Mavs’ Dads Movie Night and Campout

May 12: Esparzas night
May 27: Field Day
May 31: 25th Anniversary Celebration

PTO Meeting Dates:
April 12: 7:00 pm Dr. Waldrip attending
May 13: tentative

Holidays, Breaks and Weather Days
March 14-18: SPRING BREAK – No School
March 25: Bad Weather Day
June 2: Last Day of School – early release
June 3: Bad Weather Day

Jump Rope For Heart by Levi, Asher, Amogh

In Mockingbird Elementary School the jump rope for heart program is going on and kids are raising from five dollars to more than one thousand dollars (the prizes are listed below!)

prize level one

super pup and lanyard

special pup for online donation

$5- $15

prize level two


capti'n bark, also dr. Bow wow.

Prizes 2-1

$15- $49.99

prize level three

jump rope shirt.

prizes 3-1

$50- $75.99

prize level four

soccer ball

soccer pup

Martina m mutely


Prizes 4-1

$75.00- $149.99

prize level five

mission dog milo

prizes 5-1

$150- $249.99

prize level six


prizes 6-1

$250- $499.99

prize level seven

air pogo jumper

prizes 7-1

$500- $999.99

prize level eight

kindle fire

all other prizes


it is important to donate for JUMP ROPE FOR HEART because all your money will go to the american heart association these people will work all day and night to find as many cures for heart disease you will earn prizes list above if you donate that much money I hope that you will donate money for American heart association.

The End! Or is it

Fun Run Recap by Roma and Ashley

Fun Run Recap

This year’s fun run was very different. Not only did the fun run have bracelets instead of shirts, we ran in the halls! That is because the weather wasn’t good, but that was fine by us. Because the school was two times as big as the track that we were going to run, we only ran eighteen laps around the school. However, we still had a great time. By the cafeteria there was a stand that had water which was supported by Run On! and there were two lanes the fast and the slow lane. We would like thank Ms.Khan, Mrs.Thomas, Mrs.Mitchell, Mrs. Medrano, Run On! and the many parent volunteers for helping the fun run be a big success. Happy silver anniversary Mockingbird Elementary and BE SILVER!

- Roma Patel & Ashley Qian

DI by Mayank A. , Akanksh B. , and Vishnu S

Car, investigations, improvisational acts, structures that can hold weight and create music, and instant challenge such as trying to make a toy car float. That is what's happening in the background in an program called Destination Imagination or in short DI. Teams of 4-7 will be competing against each other. First it will be the TVNC regional, next the state competition, and finally the global finals Teams follow a certain challenge and get points from creativity and meeting the expectations. The Trinity Valley North Central (TVNC) regional challenge will happen on the 27th of February. The state challenge will be held on April 1-2 Anna, TX at Anna High School. Global Finals will be held 2016: May 20-23 - Knoxville, TN. Until then we just have to wait.

Tech Support

We have a lot of technology at Mockingbird. Having this much technology solves a lot of problems but creates one big one: sometimes the technology doesn’t work. At our school technology works at times and sometimes doesn’t. Our tech support works for two schools and doesn’t have a lot of time to get stuff fixed. Here’s what some of the fifth grade students think:

Alex: The technicians come mostly when we have an emergency and the desktops crash if you mess with them too much.

The technician is very busy so they try their best to make space when it’s not as big of a problem.

Levi: They’re really busy so sometimes it takes a long time but it’s worth the wait because they are very professional and they’re work is great.

Asher: They get noticed quickly but they take some time because their schedule is very full so it’s hard for them to make room.

By:Vishnu, Anonymous, and Anonymous 2

Technician Video

Art Fair Projects

Art Fair

By Manasa Mohan and Sathya Thiru

Open House is coming up and so is Art Fair! Mrs. Kitts is working hard with the students to create aspiring artwork. Each grade is doing something prior to observing. Kindergarten through 5th has a famous artist that inspires their artwork. This list includes what your students will do:


The kindergarten students are working very hard on their art fair project which is Picasso’s hands holding flowers.

1st Grade:

They are doing Romero Britto inspired cats. They got the choice if they wanted their cat to be lying down or sitting upright.

2nd Grade:

They are doing artwork that is inspired by Blue Dogs. They got a choice if they wanted it to be blue or not. Most students are including flags from their patriotic PBL and wanted to incorporate flags in their background.

3rd Grade

3rd grade is doing a project that involves making grids so I am hoping that the will learn that art can also have studies included. They made the grid so they could do a Starry Night project with pastels.

4th Grade

4th grade is doing artwork inspired by Gustav Klimt's The Baby. It will include a quilt covering the hobbies and likes of that artist. It will also include a self-portrait of a them sleeping or not sleeping depending on their choice.

5th Grade

5th grade is doing a self-portrait of themselves with a speech bubble expressing themselves with a word. That word was chosen by their peers to see how other people think of them. This project is mainly done in sharpie and marker.

The students are having a fun time making art are experiencing the creativity needed for life. Your artists are doing the best they can to create beautiful artwork. Thanks to Mrs.Kitts for answering our questions about the art fair and helping students let their inner artist shine.

Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten Program.'c,. . .. . .

The kindergarteners have put on a zoo inspired program for the whole school and their parents. They dressed up as animals and looked very cute in their crafty costumes. They sang various songs such as Bebop The Bear, Grumpy Gorilla, Jazzy Jaguar Cub, Lucy Lion, and their introduction and finale It’s a Zoo Out There. The students have worked very hard to put on an outstanding show for their fellow Mockingbird Mavericks. We would like to give a special thanks to all the specials and kindergarten teachers and also their parents who helped make it all possible. Brava and bravo!!!!!!!!!!!

Manama Mohan

Art Fair

Art Fair

The art fair is getting closer and closer by the day! At the Mockingbird art fair is at open house on Thursday March 10, 2016.You may purchace your child’s masterpeice for $35. You don't have to purchase it, your child will get it not in a frame though. The fifth graders did an amazing job with their self portraits. Each student got a fifth grader got a friend from their class and gave them a positive word(examples, kind, creative,and funny.)

Savannah Cannon