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Greetings Bay Area Educators,

We sincerely hope you've been taking care of yourselves and your family these past few weeks while working remotely and learning to navigate new ways of life. Here at CRLP and UC Berkeley, we've been working hard these past few weeks on converting our learning sessions into a digital format. We’re embracing the challenge that this shift brings while also remaining hopeful that we will be able to work together, face-to-face, again soon. There have certainly been some bright spots. We launched our first free webinar on Sentence Deconstruction and Distance Learning. We had fun, received great feedback from the 100+ educators who participated, and learned a ton in the process. And because of this success, we have decided to offer it again (more information below).

We’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a teacher leader in these times. It feels both scary and overwhelming, but also like it is full of opportunity and importance. As a profession, we've been forced to adapt to huge shifts in instruction and learning in such a short space of time, and the stories of collaboration and innovation among teams of teachers, administrators, and support staff have been inspiring!

The global health crisis has also allowed us to work more collaboratively with the larger UC Berkeley community. Amid the chaos of the first week of school closures, we were able to co-host a webinar with a professor of infectious diseases to discuss the latest information about COVID 19, with a particular emphasis on teachers' classroom context. We were also able to quickly respond to the changing work conditions in education and coordinate a three-week long series of free remote learning opportunities with our colleagues at the UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project, Bay Area Writing Project, and Lawrence Hall of Science, among many others (again, more information below).

We remain hopeful that our two summer offerings; Results: Foundational Skills and Learning How English Works, will be able to take place in person. Thank you as always for your continued support and your patience as we navigate this new normal and what it means for professional learning.

Take care of your mind, body and spirit.

Kara Whiston & George Ellis

California Reading & Literature Project

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education

FREE WEBINAR: Sentence Deconstruction and Distance Learning

WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 2020 (3:00-4:30 pm)

In this virtual working session, teachers will learn an instructional routine for unpacking the language of complex text, with a focus on the linguistic demands at the sentence and word level. Participants will also dive deeper into Part II of the CA ELD Standards to gain a better sense of the nuts and bolts of the English language that our emerging bilingual students need in order to expand & enrich ideas, condense & connect ideas, and structure their ideas into cohesive texts.

Aspire Bay Area Public Schools

This fall we began a new partnership with Aspire Public Schools in Oakland. We customized our Results: Foundational Skills signature program to train all district-level administrators, site-level administrators and literacy specialists in the Science of Reading, based on the CRLP Results theory, assessments, and instructional routines. We look forward to expanding our collaboration next year to provide professional learning support around foundational reading skills instruction to all early elementary and special education teachers.

Antioch Unified School District

We are now in Year 4 of supporting the Antioch Unified School District (AUSD) in implementing Results: Foundational Skills across all K-2nd grade classrooms. Building on last year's customized implementation support for Principals, Reading Specialists, and Teacher Leaders, this year, two of our district-embedded teachers leaders trained new K-2 Teachers in CRLP Results to continue to support AUSD in its goal of improving reading instruction for all K-2 students.

Millbrae Elementary School District

As part of our long-standing collaboration with the Millbrae Elementary School District, this year CRLP participated in MESD's fall teacher-centered professional learning day. CRLP led a session titled Breathe New Life into Designated ELD using Visual Literacy in which teachers explored how "Visual Thinking Strategies" could be used to promote critical thinking in both English Language Development (ELD) and content areas.

Mt. Diablo School District

For the past several years, we have provided technical support to the Mt. Diablo Unified School District with a fall workshop on how to administer CRLP's A Developmental English Proficiency Test (ADEPT). New MDUSD teachers and EL Coaches learned to administer the ADEPT assessment tool to identify a students’ ELD instructional level and to differentiate instructional supports. This year, we added an additional component to the ADEPT training to allow teachers to become more familiar with the California ELA/ELD Framework, the California ELD Standards, and their relation to ADEPT.

San Bruno Park School District

CRLP continued its decade-long partnership with the San Bruno Park School District in 2019-2020. This year, CRLP partnered with SBPSD's Early Literacy Grant to begin a two-year professional learning session for K/1 Teachers, Special Educators, and Principals at target schools to explore the Science of Reading. The goal of the collaboration is to use CRLP Results: Foundational Skills theory, assessments, and instructional routines to provide early intervention for struggling readers in the primary grades. We also continue to train SBPSD teachers, administrators, and psychologists in CRLP's Introduction to the California Dyslexia Guidelines study session.

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