Advanced Playposit

Make Video Interactive for Students

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will create a Unit in their PlayPosit dashboards and add bulbs to units.
  • Participants will install the Chrome extension for PlayPosit and find an online video (not from YouTube) to create a new bulb for the unit they create
  • Participants will add questions to a bulb and group questions together into a quiz.
  • Participants will add feedback to answer choices and branch multiple choice questions to remediate students by connecting to another video.
  • Participants will use the trimming tool to cut a video down into a smaller segment.
  • Participants will set up a Learner-Made Bulb assignment.

Success Criteria

At the end of the session:
  • Participant can create a unit and add bulbs to the unit.
  • Participant can use the Chrome PlayPosit extension to create bulbs.
  • Participants can group questions in a bulb to form a quiz.
  • Participants can add feedback to answer choices.
  • Participants can use the branching feature to remediate students in real-time.
  • Participants can trim a video in PlayPosit.
  • Participants can create Learner-Made Bulb assignments.

Standard Connections

TEAM Rubric: Activities and Materials

ISTE Standards:

  • Student Standard: Knowledge Constructor & Creative Communicator
  • Teacher Standard: Use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences that foster independent learning and accommodate learner differences and needs.

Digital Citizenship:

Privacy, Password, Permanence

PLC Guiding Questions:

1. What is it we want our students to learn?

2. How will we know if each student has learned it?

3. How will we respond when some students do not learn it?

4. How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?
Bellwork: Explore a Playposit as a Student

Which of the features listed in the Advanced PlayPosit objectives do you think would be most beneficial for you in your classroom?

Task 1: Creating Units

  • Go to PlayPosit and login through Office 365
  • Click on New and choose Unit. Type the name of your unit and hit Create.
  • Create three units that you teach.
  • **Note: you can create units within units (Example: ACT Unit, with folders inside that unit for each subtest)
  • Add a bulb to the unit you created, go to your PlayPosit navigation page, click on the three dots beside the bulb you wish to add, choose Manage Units and check the box beside the correct unit, then click Add.

Task 2: Install the Chrome PlayPosit extension & Create a Bulb

  • In a Chrome browser, go to and click the Add to Chrome button
  • Click Add to Chrome on the next screen and the PlayPosit icon will appear in your Chrome toolbar
  • This extension will allow you to add a video from ANYWHERE online, not just YouTube (Khan Academy, TEDEd, LearnZillion, etc.)
  • Navigate to a site that you use for instructional videos, like one of the ones listed above, and find a video that would go in one of the units you created in Task 1.
  • The PlayPosit icon will appear in the corner of the video. Click on the icon and PlayPosit will automatically move the video into PlayPosit. You must click the Upload icon at the top of the screen.

Task 3: Grouping Questions in a Bulb to Make a Quiz

  • If you would like for a series of questions to appear together in a bulb, like a quiz at the end, without any video in between, click add a question to your video where you would like the series to start.
  • Add a multiple-choice question to the bulb you just created.
  • Click on the three dots at the top of the question box. You can add questions before or after this question and they will appear one right after another in the video.
  • Add at least 2 more questions to your “quiz.”

Task 4: Adding Feedback to Answer Choices and Using the Branching Feature on Multiple-Choice Questions

  • Go to a multiple-choice or check-all question. Beside each answer choice, click on the settings gear.
  • Click on the + Feedback option. Add an explanation to each answer choice. (example: “Yes, this is correct.” or “No, [give reason why this answer is incorrect].”)
  • Click on the + Jump option. This option allows you to send students back to a previous part of the video if they missed the question or advance them forward in the video if they get the answer correct.
  • Set up a jump to a previous part of the video for each incorrect answer for at least one of your multiple-choice or check-all questions.

Task 5: Creating Learner-Made Bulb Assignments

Did you know that you can have your students create PlayPosit bulbs as an assignment? You can create those assignments right here in PlayPosit!

  • From your Navigation dashboard, click New, and then Learner-Made Bulb
  • Title your assignment (Example - Smith: Roman Mythology Presentations)
  • When you return to your Navigation dashboard, you can click on the three dots and assign the learner-made bulb assignment to a class.
  • It will show up in the students’ class folder and they will open it and create their own PlayPosit bulb!
  • From your dashboard, you can click on the three dots and Monitor the students’ progress on the assignment (You can preview it, copy it to your own library of bulbs, and give feedback and a score.)

REMINDER: Trimming a Video

  • Sometimes, you may find a video that you like, but you only want to use a short segment of it. PlayPosit allows you to trim video or cut out sections in the middle of a video.
  • To trim a section from your video, click on the orange button at the bottom of your editing screen, and choose the Trim Video option.
  • You will see a green tag at the beginning of your video and a red tag at the end. You can drag these to the place you want your video to start or end to trim a segment from the beginning or end of your video. (Note: the trimmed section will appear red if you are trimming a section that you have already inserted a question into. Trimming this section will remove the question from the student view.)
  • If you wish to cut out a section from the middle of the video, click on the button that says ADD INTERNAL CROP SEGMENT and then you can click and drag the beginning and ending tags for trimming out an internal segment
  • Click Exit Crop Mode to go back to your normal editing screen. Trimming your video does not erase the trimmed sections, so you can go back and edit your trimmed sections at any time.
  • **NOTE: It’s most helpful to know the exact start and end times of the area you want to trim. You can see the timestamp on video play bar under the video.

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