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Mickey and his political campaign have been working to gain followers and pull significantly ahead in the competition. He has been volunteering with the imagineers helping brainstorm new and innovative ideas to better the community of Disney World. He was doing pretty well and gaining new followers, however a little scandal came up and have some people questioning his honesty. He was recently spotted walking out of the local café with Daisy Duck, his friend and fiancé of one his best mates, Donald Duck. Everyone knows that he and Minnie are each other’s true loves, but this little incident causes a few questions to surface and has many people raising their eyebrows. One witness, who would like to be kept anonymous, claims, “Yes, I saw Daisy Duck and Mickey Mouse walking out of the local café together, laughing, smiling, and in the middle of conversation.” In a recent press conference, Mr. Mouse was asked about this situation and the witness’ comment was read to him. He responded, “Nothing was going on between Daisy and I, I was there to pick up a quick little snack, and she was walking out the same time I was. Daisy and Donald are some of Minnie and I’s closest friends and I would never do anything like that.” Since then, it seems as though talk of the incident has blown over for the most part. One of Mickey’s biggest things Mickey will be involved with his reducing the crime rate by proposing stricter laws on the villains that inhabit Disney World. He is focusing on resolving one of the biggest issues that is currently oppressing the community of Disney World. Queen Grimhilde, from across the pond, keeps sending poisonous apples. While most citizens have figured out the poisonous apples, many are still at risk for eating them. As a solution, Mickey is trying to set up a meeting with the Queen to try and talk about compromises they can make. If he becomes president, he promises to eliminate the chances of Disney World being sent poisonous apples. In other news, The Imaginationicans have just recently announced that they have a candidate running for a place in the house of Representatives. Alice, from the city of wonderland, has decided to run for a place in the house. With her stable understanding of the world, she believes that she can be a successful candidate for this spot, and bring valuable and intelligent insight into many aspects of Disney World’s government. Mickey has most recently visited the Magic Kingdom, having a parade rally through main street which helped him gain several more followers. While there, he took a little time off from his campaigning and spent some time with Minnie and some of his closest friends and was seen riding down splash mountain; it's always good to see a presidential candidate able to have a good time and enjoy themselves amidst the chaos of elections. Even though he got to enjoy himself, it’s time for Mickey to get back to work. Next week he will be making a trip down to Epcot to propose his ideas on foreign policies.
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All Things Mickey (Blog)

Hey guys! It's Walt Disney. Today I want to explain exactly who Mickey is and what makes him a great candidate. As an imaginationican, Mickey knows the importance of kindness, community, and fulfilling your dreams to their highest potential. Mickey is stern on the Kindness Law. Your kindness and character is what makes you, not your wealth or status. Any unkind villain will immediately be arrested, with a lengthy trial to follow up. Mickey promises to make the community involved in all important decisions/ events. It is very important to him to keep his close relationship with the Magic Kingdom. Fulfilling dreams is another of Mickeys inspiring characteristics. We all have dreams, and sometimes we fear they will never become reality. Mickey insists to never limit your dreams, with him as president all your dreams will come true. All you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.

Hey guys! Walt here again! Just wanted to let you all know of a few events coming up. Exactly two weeks from now a caucus will be held in Cinderella's castle. All imaginationicans are invited. I urge you to speak up for Mickey Mouse. It is so important inform all imaginationicans about what an amazing candidate this mouse is. Day after the caucus all Mickey supporters are once again invited to Cinderella's castle! There will be a fun festival held and a speech given by the mouse himself. Hope to see you all at these special events!

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History of The Party and Party Symbol

The imaginationicans have a fairly simple history, as the are a fairly new party. When Mickey was a young man, he became aware of the unjust nature in politics in Disney World. They once had a very unfair ruler, Ursula. She oppressed the citizens of Disney and made it a very unpleasant place. But Mickey and some of his friends saw the opportunity for a happily ever after. They wanted to make a change in their world. And whatever they did, they were going to do it well. So the imaginationicans party changed a little bit and started to focus on bettering society, with a more fair, reasonable system. Therefore, they established the "light bulb" as their party symbol. The light bulb was chosen as their symbol because they wanted to remind everyone that their ideas were going to stem from creativity and imagination. The symbol of the light bulb shows that new, innovative ideas can change the world in ways that people could never imagine. They hope that their party symbol will serve as inspiration during the election and campaign process and after they are voted into office.

People/ Groups

LGBT: Mickey Mouse is not biased towards any certain person. He is firm with his belief of equality. Imaginationicans believe in equal rights, no matter your race, gender, or sexuality. Of course Mickey supports same-sex marriage, any marriage for that matter. Love is love! A new law that might appeal to you is our kindness law. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness. It is unfair that LGBT has been treated with anything but compassion, so know that imaginationicans are on your side.

Seniors: Are you familiar with the overwhelming sense of happiness you feel at Disney? No matter your age the fun is endless there. Well as an imaginationican we want to bring that feeling into our everyday lives. Seniors it isn't too late to fulfill your dreams! Surely you have lived through some hardships, many of which could have been avoided with a more promising party to be a part of. That party is here. That party is imaginationicans, with candidate Mickey Mouse. No need to be in fear of being stuck at a tiring job your whole life. If you have lived a good, hard-working life, we promise you a rewarding retirement.

Youth: It is outstanding how independent and intelligent the youth of today is. They are taking a true interest in politics which is enlightening! Youth, if you look on the issues imaginationicans focus on, I know you'll agree with us on these major topics. It is important for you smart young people to join our party and spread our beliefs to generations to come. If you are determined and willing to be a positive society member, you will be successful. Mickey has plans to lower the price of education, he is aware of the ridiculous expense of college, no ones future should be compromised because of money.


The imaginationicans have six different issues they are focusing on; economy, taxes, foreign relations, imports/exports, kindness, and equality.

Economy: Over the past several years, the economy of Disney World has taken a huge hit, with increasing their amount of debt, and not bringing in as much annual income. Many people argue that it is all part of the economy's natural patterns in rising and falling, but the imaginationicans disagree. They believe that prices should be lowered on certain goods in order to attract more tourists and bring in more income.

Taxes: Taxes have also become a big issue in several places in Disney. Some people who can't afford as much are fed up with being taxed so heavily. The imaginationicans feel they need to act upon this. They believe that the wealthier should be taxed a little bit more and the lower class should be taxed a little less.

Foreign Relations: Foreign relations is a major problem in Epcot. Trade and political power amongst the different nations has sparked many conflicts and riots in the past few months. In one incident, Hollywood studios even got involved because some nations in Epcot were banning the travel of citizens to Hollywood Studios to pursue various acting jobs. The imaginationicans don't agree with this and will try and work to lift bans and reunite the different nations.

Imports/Exports: The imports and exports issue goes along with foreign relations and taxes. Because the foreign relations are unsteady right now, and taxes are looked at as being too high, the exports and imports pose another issue. The most recent issue with this was the import of poisonous apples. The imaginationicans will try to lower taxes on certain imported goods as well as regulating trade and what products are imported/exported to certain countries.

Kindness: With the level of kindness quickly declining, the issue is becoming greater and greater. A kindness act was recently written up and is going through congress. The imaginationicans plan to enforce this law when they are in office which will help many different aspects of their society and set an example for many other societies.

Equality: Equality is an issue that is more on the down low, but the imaginationicans see it as detrimental to society in the future. They want equality for all races, from duck to dog, or human or lion. They will work to set equal laws for everyone and work together with other races to bring citizens together.