Love Armed

By: Aphra Behn

Intro to Love Armed

Loving someone isn't always as easy as you may think... Love requires many sacrifices that may benefit or hurt the relationship in the end. If you were so in love with someone that you couldn't stand to be without them, but they treated you awfully, would you stay with them? My poem talks about how we have been set up to endure these hard ships and prepare ourselves for the future.

Pulled Quote From Love Armed

Love in Fantastic Triumph sat,

Whilst Bleeding Hearts around him flowed,

These two lines show how the person she loves has broken hearts before. It also shows how she is giving him love, but he doesn't accept it and he certainly doesn't give her love in return.


He has made many hearts bleed before me. He creates much pain by taking and never giving. He's so cruel that I think he could undo all love in this big world. He should be penalized, yet he seems to get rewarded. By the Gods, he seems to have been set up a Deity, and my heart alone is harmed. While he can walk away free, and lacking the pain that I have felt for far to long.