Presentation By: Rodolfo Ramirez Jr. By: Mike Lupica


"What do all of your sports heroes have in common?" she said.

(This is showing characterization because she is being caring and giving advice when Jake is going through a tough time)

He turned to Kevin Crosby.

"You are," Jake said.

(This is showing characterization because it is showing how Jake changed into being a true captain like all his sports heroes)


Jake is acting like a real team leader by letting Kevin take the last penalty. Jake is showing he changed to being a true captain. This dialogue also provides Characterization as to how Jake and Kevin changed.


Being a good captain means scoring and assisting on & off the field.

-Jake lets Kevin take the last penalty instead of himself.

-Brings/cheers them up to pump them up and makes them play better.

Figurative Language

He hit the ball so hard i thought it was going to put a hole in the net.

(sensory language because it's giving a description of the kick)

He dashed by him like a cheetah running away from a predator.

(simile because it's comparing two different things)