Collaborative Commerce in the Cloud

Appterra Collaborative Commerce

Collaborative Commerce mobility is here

Collaboration is more than connecting partners seamlessly. It’s enabling entirely new ways of working via connected, integrated mobile applications. Our solutions are delivered 100% under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

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The Appterra Order Management Solution automates the procure-to-pay cycle with your suppliers (buy-side). Standard document types are available along with a library of more than 300 common business rules. These business rules can be configured by trading partners and document type to match your current or desired business processes.

How does Appterra Work?

The Appterra Trading Network provides data translation, transformation, and transportation between two or more business partners. Our Connect Once, Reach Any model of business integration allows a company and their trading partners to exchange information, while avoiding intrusive integration requirements.
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Order Management