Pennsylvanian Age

By: Payton Boughner

What to pack for the Pennsylvanian Age

When you travel to the Pennsylvanian Age, you need to pack hiking clothes and shoes for when we walk around the area and to protect yourself. You need to bring plenty of food and water because we can't eat or drink anything from there. You might also need to bring bug repellent and matches to light your way and or for a easy fire.

Climate in the Pennsylvanian Age

The climate or weather will be warm or higher so make sure you pack clothes to suit the weather.

Major events

One of the major events you will see is the Appalachian Mountains begin to form. Another thing is North America and Northern Europe lie in warm, tropical region. Those are the events of the Pennsylvanian Age.

Environment of the Pennsylvanian Age

The environment has things such as swamps or forests.

Main Animals and Plants

The main animals you will see our the first amphibian, dragonflies and cockroaches, also including land snails and spiders. The main plant life you will see are ferns and fernlike trees and horsetails.

Main things you want to see

The main things you might want to see is the big animal and plant life. Another thing you might want to see is the Appalachian Mountains.

Dangers you might face

The dangers you might face in the Pennsylvanian Age is the large teethed amphibians, also might face large mammals or carnivores.