By:Roy Ford

Abiotic Factors

Cold Climate , Snow , Rainfall , Short Season Of Growth And Reproduction , Structure| Small Biotic Diversity , Snow Covered Ground

biotic factors

Plant Life:

animal life :
snowy owl. artic fox the musk ox. pika . artic hare

artic moss

artic willow caribow

diamond-leaf willow

soil type:


why we need this biome

as warm air rises from the tropical zone it is cooled in the tundra causing it to sink back into the equator.

how humans affect this biome

soil- bound carbine is in tundra permafrost. as this frozen soil thaws, its organic contents begin to decay releasing carbon dioxide.

how we can protect this biome

we can do this by blocking off certain areas so we cant destroy plant and flowers
and also picking up trash so it doesn't pollute the soil.

what this biome is known for

the tundra is the coldest of all biome's. the tundra comes from the finished word of tundra, meaning treeless plains.

intresting fact

the tundra is the second most deadliest environment

intresting fact

the tundra only has 6 weeks of summer

the snowy owl

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the majestic pika

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