December 15-19, 2014 (Last week of 1st Semester)


  • ACC MATH 5&6 class will have a last quiz of the first semester on Tuesday, December 16. Topics are the followings:

1) Order of Operations

2) Multiply/Divide whole numbers and decimals by powers of 10.

3) Represent different types of numbers on a number line.

4) Prime factorization

  • Winter Break Packet and Online Practice: Students will be given a winter break packet on Friday, December 19. (Due by January 6) The packet will be their first HW grade for the second semester. In addition to the packet, I will assign online practices via FSA-Connect(OPTIONAL). As always they will practice on EPGY and Khan Academy.

  • Winter Celebration: The Elementary Winter Celebration is a fun-filled day for all students Pre-K through 5th grade at FSAPS. All day on Thursday, December 18th students will rotate to 10 different winter-themed stations for a day filled with friends and fun to celebrate the end of our first semester at FSAPS and all their hard work. In order to make this day special for your children, we need your help! Ms. Fichter sent out an email detailing ways to sign up and donate to make this day really special. We have lots of things to sign up for, so please check out the links to our SignUpGenius pages and join us in the fun!

    I want to donate materials or I can give a $10 monetary donation to help with items purchased by the school.

    I want to volunteer my time!

  • There will be no after school clubs on December 15-19.

  • Uniform Policy: Before returning from Winter Break, please be sure to review the uniform policy with your student. The uniform policy can be found in the students’ agenda. Please use this as a reference to make sure that you are sending your child to school in their proper uniform every day. If for some reasons you have not yet ordered your uniforms, please use the following link to order. The uniform policy will be strictly enforced when we return to school on January 6th. Please make sure your child is properly dressed every time they come to school next semester!

  • Lands End link:


  • Have them practice on EPGY daily or have them spend at least 2 hours in a week.
  • Please check FSA-Connect daily for lesson notes and homework assignments.

Have a great week.....