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News for the week of January 21-24- 17, 2014

What we are learning this coming week...

Math: This is our last week of work with fractions. This week we’ll be looking at collections of objects to create fractions, compare fractions (picture representation only), have a Celebration of Knowledge (assessment), and play several fractions games. Hopefully seven-sevenths of the second grade classrooms will be fractioned out by the end of the week!

Reading & Writing: This week, we will look through all of the cultures that we have researched, and choose one to make an All About Book. We will review elements of nonfiction books: Table of Contents, chapters, diagrams, index and glossary. Students will use their research notes and write paragraphs about what they have learned. They will end up with a nonfiction book that includes daily life, school life, holidays, food and languages of their researched country.

Science: This week students will be using their previous knowledge of resources (man-made/natural) to springboard into our new unit, conservation of resources. Students will identify and demonstrate how to use, conserve, and dispose of natural resources and materials such as conserving water and reuse or recycling of paper, plastic, and metal. Using the donated materials students will re-purpose the materials to construct a new object.

Grammar: This month, students will continue exploring nouns (common, proper, plural, singular, pronouns), verbs and adjectives.

Spotlight Stallion

Sammy will be going home with CJ this week!! Way to go CJ! We are proud of you and your hard work. Check back to see who Sammy goes home with next week!

On the calendar....

Monday, January 20 - No School; MLK Jr Day

Happy Birthday!

We will be celebrating our summer "J" birthdays in the month of January!

Aamil - June 12

Kate - June 28

Carter - July 7

Shreya - July 11


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