Tiny Superheroes

Founded in January of 2013 by Robyn Rosenbeger

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Tiny Superheroes

Tiny Superheroes was founded by Robyn Rosenberger. In her organization she sews and sends superhero capes to children who show strength as they overcome an illness or disability. On the Tiny Superheroes website Robyn has a blog where she shares the miraculous stories of amazing "tiny superheroes".
to see the Tiny Superheroes website click here!

On her website, Robyn Rosenberger has a blog where she tells about the amazing stories of "tiny superheroes".

How Tiny Superheroes got started

In August 2012, Robyn Rosenberger had sewed a superhero cape for her nephew's second birthday. After that she decided to make one for her son and one for her dog. At this time Robyn was following a blog about this beautiful little girl named Brenna. Sadly though, Brenna was born with a rare, severe skin disorder. Robyn realized that her son and nephew may have looked cute in the superhero capes, but that Brenna needed one. So Robyn contacted Brenna's family, and in January 2013 she sent Brenna a cape! Roby shared Brenna's story on her blog and at that moment, Tiny Superheroes had begun!

"Blessed by Brenna" blog

This is a blog that was created by Brenna's mother, Courtney. On the blog you can see photos, the story of Brenna when she was born, you can find out about Brenna's skin disorder called Harlequin Ichthyosis, and more!


This is Brenna the first Tiny Superhero


This video explains a little more about Tiny super heroes
TinySuperheroes - Empowering Extraordinary Kids One Cape at a Time

Contact form

If you want to contact the tiny super heroes click above. Also look above the form and you will see other things you might want to do such as ordering a cape.

About the Founder

Robyn Rosenberger Is a mother of one boy and she lives in Seattle. She showed good character by founding the Tiny Superheroes foundation. She is a caring and selfless person. She has empathy for the children that are not so fortunate and for their families.

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What Can I Do To Help?

To help the foundation you can sponsor a child on the waiting list that's waiting to receive a cape or even spread the word about Tiny Superheroes!