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Summer Storming Stories

October Weekly

This week, we bring you some of the most unnoticed and random events that happened this year in the U.S..

Grand Theft Tom-auto

Yesterday afternoon, the crime of the day took place at the community garden. It was a calm day and quiet day. A dark shadow entered the garden and selected a victim out of all these innocent. A tomato was stolen!

Curtis, guardian of this tomato, says he was not present during the kidnapping. "He is not just any tomato," Curtis says,"He's my biggest one yet. I miss him so much. The worst part is that he wasn't even ripe yet!" Clearly this tomato is really important to him.

Now, Curtis hired Royce, a fifteen year-old young man living on the streets, to protect the rest of his 'young' at night. In the day, Curtis puts up a sign that says 'Lateesha's Tomatoes' so that people know that these tomatoes belong to somebody.

Officials are investigating this case. They will give a harsh punishment to the culprit. This punishment has yet to be determined. Who did it? Did a passerby, a fellow gardener , or Royce steal the tomato? More information will be provided in the future.

Picture Caption: Photograph of tomato before theft.

Fire Prevention Day

The Annual New Candy Contest

People compete for their treats!

Friday, July 24th, 11:30am-1:30pm

4828 Lyrical Blvd Spring Haven, USA

On June 24, 2015, 32 contestants from all over the country will compete to make the next best candy. This year, the Life is Sweet candy factory will be joining us in hosting four contestants. What you will need to bring:

1. Yourself

2. Your taste buds ready to take off

3. Friends and family

See you at the contest!