Beating the Odds

Lakeview Staff Newsletter - August 31


When I think back on the week, we learned so much. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to put these sessions together and thanks to all of you for engaging deeply in what each piece means for our students. Without a doubt, this week has been the most exciting week of my career so far.

One of the pieces I am proudest of right now is the conversation about culture we had on Monday afternoon. I know it already seems so long ago, but take a moment to reflect on what we did together. The culture we create together is the single biggest contributor to student achievement, but we must be intentional and unified in that culture. I know you've posted many things in your room, but perhaps you might post our cultural norms and values next to your desk as well. It might be one of our most important anchor charts for ourselves.

Enjoy your weekend! Can't wait to see everyone on Tuesday.

The "Why" of Trauma Sensitive Schools

We were all part of the Trauma Sensitive Schools presentation on Monday morning - secretaries, teachers, paras, custodians, nutrition staff, etc. Why? Because students form relationships with anyone and everyone in a school. A big takeaway from Sara's presentation was that consistent, positive relationships are key. Every single student at Lakeview is forming new relationships starting Tuesday - that's scary enough for a student that might have stability outside of school, but even more difficult for our kiddos that do not. You don't need to know anyone's story to start a relationship. Make it a challenge for yourself to see how many relationships you can build this week.

Bits & Pieces

• Everyone has received their emergency rings to hang by the door. On Tuesday, Roxanne and Cortney will provide you a student roster with contact info to add to your ring. That way, you will have the most up-to-date list.

• Does your P/A speaker work? If it doesn't, please send me an email.

• Rocket Spirit Wear - The Middle School student council runs a Rocket Wear order. I've ordered many times (then gave a bunch away, and now need to reorder). The order form is right below.


Here is the final version of the duty schedule. It includes am/pm duties as well as the Friday rotation. We will have an every-other-week Friday rotation. Roxanne has created a sheet for everyone to initial for paid lunch/recess duties. You will need to initial it weekly.

Other schedules:

Instructional Minutes

Specials Schedule

PBIS for Week 1

As we begin our year, please use the language on the PBIS matrix consistently. Associate positive reinforcers with the expectations on the matrix. Our three expectations are:

Be safe ~ Be respectful ~ Be engaged

Don't forget our rotation schedule and lesson plans for this week. I will be in touch with the people teaching the rotations, but remember that classroom teachers teach the Hallway/Bathroom setting on their own during the rotations.


I am thrilled that all of our paraprofessionals are back again this year! If you are looking for a particular para at the beginning of the year, this is where you will find them:

4K - Samantha Chmela

5K/1st grades - Melanie Susedik and Tracy Wranovsky

2nd/3rd grades - Sue Herdeman and Chris Clausen

4th/5th grades - Melissa Jastrow and Sophia Terranova

Library - Shannon Tierney

Health Room - Ruthanne Henderson (10:45-12:45)

This is pretty cool

We had a family stop by the office to enroll this week who came all the way from Alabama. It turns out their former school in Alabama helped them find Lakeview and suggest that they come here for school. The family even had the school report card printed off. Unfortunately, they are living with family in Oak Creek, so, for the moment, they will not be at Lakeview. But I wouldn't be shocked to see them back here when they get settled. That had to be shared with all of you!

Character Dare #1

As mentioned in our staff meeting on Tuesday, this year we will have a series of weekly staff Character Dares. These come from a website called CharacterStrong. One of the leaders at CharacterStrong is Houston Kraft, who spoke at the annual Character Ed conference at Alverno in June. Character Dare #1 is below. Remember, it is just an adult thing - don't tell the kids about these.