Supplemental Aids: It's Elementary

for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades

What are supplemental aids?

According to TEA, "Supplemental aids are paper-based resources that assist a student with a disability in recalling information."

Best Practices for Implementation

Anchor it for everyone!

While it is true that only students who meet the specific eligibility requirements may be handed printed copies of these supports on the day of the test, all students can be taught to "brain dump" information before they begin an assessment.

Make it interactive.

Turn the anchor of support into an interactive tool that increases the retention of the meaning of the support. This support should include student writing and processing. The support needs to be accessible to students during instruction and assessment.

Create a supplemental aids folder.

As students demonstrate a persistent need to use the support to successfully answer questions surrounding specific TEKS, have them add the supports to a "Supplemental Aid" folder. The supports that go into this folder need to meet all of TEA's requirements for a supplemental aid. The folder needs to be accessible to the specific students during instruction and assessment. Encourage students to use the folder to help them throughout any and all assessments. Remember that if this folder gets too big with too many supports, it may be more confusing than helpful to the student.

Where can I find a bank of approved supplemental aids?

  • contains subject specific folders with examples of supplemental aids.
  • Please remember that the supplemental aid folders need to be individualized for your students. It is NOT appropriate to print a district created packet for every eligible student and limit them to using only those supports.

Links with more information

Contact for Ongoing Support

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