Sabre-Toothed Cat

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When did Smilodons first exist, and who discovered it?

Smilodon first appeared 1.6million years ago and lasted until the Pleistocene epoch ( last ice age) fossil findings of the earliest species of saber tooth cats was found in Brazil in 1841 by Peter Wilhelm Lund, a Danish naturalist and paleontologist

Fossil evidence

  • fossils of saber tooth cats were found in tar pits and rocks of north america
  • not closely related with tigers and no real modern descendants
Smilodon(Sabre-toothed cats)

Diet , Habitat , Lifestyle


Preferred large thick skinned herbivores as their source of food like mastadons (mammoths, bison, horses)


The sabre-toothed cat lived in shrubby areas grasslands and pine forests that supported the prey of the cat. Smilodon fatalis and Smilodon populator lived in the americas until the end of the ice age.


  • Due to their short, heavy musculature limbs they were thought to be ambush predators (not built for speed)
  • Used large saber tooth canines to pierce through the throat of their prey
  • Hunted large herbivores so some thought they were pack hunters


factors that caused extinction

climate change

humans hunting the cat

change in vegetation,

decline in food sources

extinction proves that evolution is not always progress