Neptune Adventure

Come up to space and be the first family on Neptune!

The Basics

To go to Neptune it's 950$ per person. Were allowing a family of four. We are going to be hosting a fly in movie of the popular movies, we also provide soft drinks and popcorn. Just remember don't bring your phone please and thank you.


  1. stay seated and keep your head back until we tell you to get up.
  2. Don't bring your own drinks or food.
  3. close your sleeping chamber door when sleeping.

The spaceship

The spaceship has an exercise room to make sure you stay in shape.

It also has a dinning room, bathroom, laundry room, and a T.V room just like a regular home.

We have supplies of water and fuel. Once we blast off we will be powered by the solar panels.

All about Neptune

Fun Facts
  • Neptune is the fourth largest planet (By diameter)
  • Neptune can be seen with binoculars if you know where to look
  • Neptune's great dark spot is half the size of Jupiter's great red spot

Basic Facts

  • In 2016 it would take us 12 years to get to Neptune but now with our technology it would take three days
  • Neptune's rotation is 16.11 hours compared to earth
  • It's revolution is 60,190 days
  • Neptune is made out of Hydrogen, Helium, Methane, and a small amount of water
  • It is 2.795 billion miles away from the sun
  • Neptune has only five rings: Galle, Le Verrier, Lassell, Arago, and Adam
  • The ice planet has 14 moons
  • It's gravity is 11.15 m/s
  • It has had a large spacecraft with two probes sent. The only probe to visit Neptune was Voyager 2 in 1989
  • The planet is the last and furthest away in our solar system and is one of the four outer planet

Space Suits


  1. They will have and black suit to conduct heat as much as it can and has a blue helmet
  2. The suit is built with a heating system in case it gets too cold an built with a button for food
  3. As always space suits must have oxygen tanks that will last for one hour to be refilled


  1. For girls not much has changed, their suits are black to conduct, and the girls have yellow suits
  2. The suit is built with the same stuff and, as well on the other suit, has a built in bathroom and a button for it to clean out.
  3. The helmets also have cellphones to keep in touch with everyone

Space suit and rocket designer: Adrianna Kellaway Travel Agent: Kamryn Beatty Astronomer: Hannah Dockins