Hatteras Stella's Life on a Page

By: Hatteras Stella


My dedication goes to my dog Maddy:

This may sound like something silly, but I imagine my dog as a joy to my life. Maddy has licked my salty tears off when I have been upset with a variety of things but can be so happy to see me more than most humans. She may have just the mind of a toddler but something about a dog comforts me. It also may sound silly to not donate this to someone in my life that gives the world to me, but dogs are one of the most happiest creations in this world and I wanted to give my dedication to her, she gets the create for turning my day around just by not saying anything.

"Home"by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (5:00)

A reminder that no matter what you are always going to have a special someone or group of friends that are always going to be there for you.
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home [2009]

"Midnight"by Coldplay (5:08)

Whenever you are in a dark time you have to keep moving forward to see the light..hitting rock bottom means all you have to look forward is upward.
Coldplay - Midnight (Official Lyrics)

"Rotation"by Future (2:51)

The inner ghetto side of me comes out when I listen to this song.
Future - Rotation

"Lovin Touchin Squeezin"by Journey (3:58)

I love oldies :)
Journey Lovin Touchin Squeezin

"Til Kingdom Come"by Coldplay (4:10)

Being there for someone in a rough patch of their life means true friendship, give that person time to prevail...love one another because we are all not perfect.
'Til Kingdom Come - Coldplay (With lyrics)

"Wheel in the Sky"by Journey (4:13)

The kind of song I love listening to on the way to Boone on a fall day...brings back great memories with friends :)
Journey - Wheel in the sky Lyrics

"Walking on Air"by Katy Perry (3:43)

Some days you wake up feeling like you can take the world on full blast...this is the song to listen to.
Katy Perry - Walking on Air (Lyrics)

"Hometown Glory"by Adele (3:36)

One day this song will mean something when you are away from home doing great things. This song reminds me in a couple of months when I am away at school thinking about memories made back home.
Adele - Hometown Glory [LYRICS]

"Hanging On"by Ellie Golding (4:16)

You get emotionally invested in certain friends, your conscious thinks it was a bad thing to let them go so you hang onto them. A song like this reminds me that hanging onto the memories is okay but when someone begins to treat you wrong. Stop hanging on.
Ellie Goulding - Hanging On feat. Tinie Tempah

"Ghost that we Knew"by Mumford and Sons (5:46)

Mumford and Sons is my favorite band. I relate to their messages they send to listeners, this song shows that there is a brighter side at the end of the tunnel if you are facing hard times. We can move forward but we will always remember the "Ghost that we Knew."
Ghosts That We Knew - Mumford and Sons (album version)

"Smooth Criminal"by Michael Jackson (9:49)

Definitely not a criminal but we all can dance and find a way to lean or bodies in impossible ways like in this music video.
Michael Jackson- Smooth Criminal (HD 1080p BluRay Official Version)

"Let the Groove Get In"by Justin Timberlake (7:12)

Brings out the inner groove in me :-)
Justin Timberlake - Let The Groove Get In

"Big Parade"by The Lumineers (5:29)

We all have something to celebrate in life, even if a small or big parade.
The Lumineers - Big Parade

"Superpower"by Beyonce (5:25)

Having that extra spark in you makes you you..that "superpower" in you :)
Beyoncé - Superpower ft. Frank Ocean