By: Jamil McCarthy


My country is Iran and the capital is Tehran.Below is the Iran flag.The centered symbol means the 5 principles of Islam.The white design on the red and green repeated 22 times is the Islamic phrase"God is greater than to be described".The white stripe meant peace,the green stripe represented Islam and the red represented courage.
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Iran is in Asia and the countries that surround it are Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan,Armenia,Afghanistan,and Pakistan. Iran is mainly plateaus and mountains. Major landmarks are Persepolis,milad tower,and the tomb of hafez. Major bodies of water are the Persian gulf,Oman sea and the Caspian sea.There is mostly desert areas in Iran.It affects citizen's because they are forced to plant new trees where they cut old ones.A example of Human environment interaction is the exhaust from cars and buses.That then created poor air quality.
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Iran is an Islamic republic and Ali Khamenei was there leader.The leader is chosen by the leadership of their Shiite religion.They are elected every 4 years.Citizens have severe limitations as there rights are poor.Woman can vote but there is severe punishments.
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Iran is a rich nation.They use Iranian Rial for there money.Exports are crude petroleum,Iron ore,and Acyclic Alcohols.The imports are cocoa beans,rice,gold,and wheat.It's literacy rate is 97%,birth rate is 1.92 births per woman,life expectancy is 73.76 years and drinking sources is lakes,but it's been a crisis with the water running out.
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Men can wear anything but short pants,extreme short sleeves and tight shirts.Woman can wear anything,but there hair and head must be covered and they have to wear something loose to cover the body.The official language spoken is Persian.The main religion is Shi'ism. Shi'is, followers of Muhammad's son-in-law Ali, believe that only descendents of the prophet should be leaders of society. Fesenjan is a popular dish that contains pomegranate,chicken/duck,ground walnuts,onion,and a pinch of sugar.
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It is a hot,dry desert climate with an average rainfall of 13 centimeters or 5 inches in the plateau.There is a average max of 99 degrees Fahrenheit in July.The water supply is also going down.


479-492 Persian attempts to conquer Greece and fails.In 1978 shah's policies alienate the clergy and his authoritarian rule leads to riots,strikes and mass demonstrations.The Marty law is imposed.

Compare and contrast

Iran's religion is shi'ism and ours is christian.Iran has a dress code and USA doesn't. Iran is a Islamic republic and USA is not.Iran has a low amount of water supply and the US has a high amount.Both are rich.Both have a high literacy rate.Both have leaders chosen every 4 years.Both contain major landmarks.