Día de los Muertos

Honoring Those Who Have Gone Before Us

About Día de los Muertos

According to the Latino Holiday Book (2004):

"An indigneous Mexican celebration, Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), November 2, should not be confused with Halloween, October 31, All Saint's Day November 1, or All Soul's Day, November 2. Instilled into the native populations by Spanish missionaries, the holiday does share a date and the same religious overtones as All Soul's Day, but its roots are firmly planted in native folklore and tradition." [...T]he Day of the Dead was started by the Mexican native tribes as a means of continuing their belief in the circle of life in which death plays a part and is not to be feared."

To learn more about the Day of the Dead, check out this interactive guide from the Smithsonian Latino Center: http://www.latino.si.edu/DayoftheDead/.

Check out this article from NPR: "Day of the Dead, Decoded: A Joyful Celebration of Life and Food"
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