Roosevelts life of GREATNESS

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Franklin D. Roosevelt gave people hope and courage during hard times like later in the book.Many people think that Roosevelt was the greatest president in our nation .Roosevelt was a diligant man.FDR helped a lot of people in his life that will get to very soon in the story.


PERSONAL CHALLENGES Franklin .D Roosevelt did amazing things in his early life.Roosevelt was born in Hyde park new York in 1882.Wow that's a long time to be born!His family was wealthy and ,Franklin was also the the only child.The only child, wow that's great to know now.Franklin d. Roosevelt went to a boarding school at the age of 14 and was a amazing leader to every one.FDR was an amazing leader!


Franklin D. Roosevelt fought a lot of health problems.You will see what it is called in the story.In 1921 Franklin had a serious disease called polio , after the age 39 he couldn't walk.You see what polio can do to you?After all that hard work, Roosevelt could walk a few steps with crutches or lean on other people.That looks like hard to travel around to places.In 1924 Roosevelt visited warm springs GA to have treatment on his polio, FDR returned so many times he built a house there.Would you build a house there?Just because of his disabilities he does not give up his dreams.


Roosevelt had a lot of contribution in his life.Roosevelt started new deal called called(fire site) chat.That sounds good to me.Franklin's hopeful way of talking kept the people of the US going.He did this throne radio speeches called fire site chat.He told people to not be afraid of things.Roosevelt died after world war 1 was over.Roosevelt was an amazing leader!Well he had a good one so...



Information from:american hero's Franklin Delano Roosevelt by:Nathan Asher Katzin Pictures