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Blog post- ideals of freedom

Like the poor population in 1984, we as citizens have very many freedoms. For example we have the freedom to say what we want, we have the freedom to think what we want and we have the freedom to be who we want to be without having to worry about the law killing us for having original thoughts and ideas. Unlike us, in the book they can not write, think, say or do anything that represents an original idea of their own. They have to believe, write, think and become everything their government wants them to. If they don’t they will be killed. The freedoms I enjoy the most are those that let us think what we want, be who we want and say what we want. I can’t imagine living where we weren’t even allowed to say what we thought or even think our own thoughts without having to worry about being killed for being your own person and not someone that your government is telling you and brainwashing you to be. I also enjoy the freedoms of being able to do what I want in my own house. I enjoy having privacy in my own house; in 1984, the people were not allowed to do what they wanted in their own house. They have monitors in their room to make sure they weren’t doing anything they were not supposed to be doing. They were being monitored 24/7, if you were caught covering up your monitor or trying to get away from it you would be killed. They could not go to the bathroom without being monitored. In a country, or civilization like this, where the laws are balanced and the people can not do what they want, the government will be corrupt and the citizens will try to overthrow their government because of the unfair treatment and rules that they shouldn’t have to obey.

10 rules of a utopian society

1. No stealing

2. No harming others

3. No offensive language

4. Everyone has equal say in government

5. You can do anything you want without destroying anything

6. Everyone gets a paycheck

7. You must be kind to everyone

8. You may not insult anyone

9. You can't do drugs

10. You must obey all laws

Casting for 1984 as a movie

Winston: Jennifer Lawrence (as a boy)

Julia: Woody Harrelson (As a girl)

O'brien: Stanley Tucci

Writing a new ending to chapter one.

As Winston put his pen down there was a knocking at the door. He hoped that whoever it was would go away after ignoring them but moments later there was another knock. He was dead if the thought police was standing outside of his door. He slowly put his journal away and went to answer the door. He stood at the doorknob for a brief moment praying. He reached for the knob when the door was kicked down onto his nose, shattering it. It was the thought police, they had tuned in to his telescreen and saw him writing. Before he could think, he saw the metal bar being raised up then come crashing down on his head knocking him out cold.
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