Reduce Reuse Recycle

By Max Dulam

The Recycling Fashion Show

At Perins School on the 6/2/13 February 2013we had a fashion show where their task was to create an outfit or an accessory to show. They were allowed to chose their groups as long as they were in 4’s or 5’s. the rule was that you were only allowed to use recycled materials (or things that you don't use anymore). It took 4 hours to get the finish product. It took a lot of hard effort. It also took a lot of staples, glue and cello tape. Once the finished products were ready, people in the groups would model their items to find the top two products to model in front of the whole year 8. Once they decided the 2 winners they all went down to the hall and preformed in front of all the teachers and pupils (that were not modeling). Everyone modeled to show of their own work but the winners went round by them selves and did a speech about the different types of materials that were used.

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Here Are Some Things They Made And Some Pictures Of Them........................

  • A bag made out of computer keys
  • A dress made out of newspaper
  • A dress made out of bin bags
  • Belts made out of crisp and sweet packets
  • And belt buckles where made out of logos like Jelly Bean etc
  • Sweet tins were made great hats espeacially when you added sweet wrappers or cups
  • Drink cans were used to top a hat made out of the outside of a football

These Are only a few of many great creation to start a new tend and even starting to help save the enviroment!

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