Striped Hyena


Description of Striped Hyena

The Striped Hyena is a mammal. Its back slopes down toward the tail. This mammal is long and shaggy. It has a long thick neck, a strong jaw line, strong teeth, and a bushy black & white tail. It weighs about 25-55 kilograms. Its head to length is about 100-120 centimeters. They use“hyena butter” to scent mark objects, leaving a clear sign to any intruders of the owner’s presence. The striped hyena is a nocturnal animal; meaning it leaves its den in the dark and returns before the sunrise. This mammal has powerful teeth but weak, slow legs and never hides. Also it can’t be camouflage.

Food Chain

The striped Hyenamis eats seeds, leaves, fruits, insects, birds, fish, and many species of animals. The Striped Hyena is omnivorous and will opptimistically feed on anything it comes across as it roams. It is capable of killing prey up to the size of a donkey. It can also kill and eat tortoises. Striped Hyenas also scavange and find scraps of tras they can feed on.

(Photo from Flickr by cknara)


Today, the striped Hyena is found near north and north east Africa, as far as Tanzania; throughout the Middle East and Arabia into Northern india. The Striped Hyenas like staying in dry places such as Savannas and Deserts.

(Photo from Flickr by By fveronesi1)


The striped Hyena has a very sharp jaw and very strong teeth. Although it has weak legs and can not camoflauge, it still manages to get its food. All Hyenas can howl like children to bring their prey but they hide to confuse the prey.

(Photo from Flikr by Cynr)

Critical Info

In 1998, the Hyena Specialist group tried to improve the conversation status of all Hyena species and they published a Conversation Action Plan. Also, campiagns are held for increased protection for the Hyenas. Further studies are taken on the Hyenas behaviour, ecology, and biology.

(photo from Flickr by San Diego Shooter

Striped Hyena on Manyara Ranch Conservancy