April is Awesome!

Don't Miss out of these Opportunities!

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

Sorry if it seems like I have been out of touch! I was in Vegas with my hubby on a business trip, got home and less than 24 hrs later was in Nashville with my daughter for a cheer competition (got home at 1:30 AM this morning). Life is crazy sometimes but that is why I love being a stylist because I can work my biz on my terms around my schedule!

Lots of great things going on this month so make sure you are checking your emails, the lounge and our facebook group every day so you don't miss out on anything!

  • The Summer Line is getting rave reviews, people are loving the warmer weather and are ready to think spring and brighten up their wardrobes. Look back through your notes of ladies who have said they would love to host and reach out to them. Now is the perfect time to host a show, people need teachers gifts (suggest a Pouf with a starbucks gift card) and graduation gifts (a Getaway is ideal for trips home from college and a Hang On is perfect for a dorm room) Making suggestions can go a long way!

  • Keep your eye on the product alert and out of stock lists, as we get closer to fall release, things are selling out so make sure you have a good grasp on what is available.

  • April kicks off the next Consistency Bonus quarter- sell $500 in April, May and June and get $100 in product credit for Fall launch! Congrats to Abby, Missy, Shari, Casey, Britt, Gina and me for already hitting month 1. Plenty of time for everyone else to get there!

  • New Sample Discount Coupon Earn $500 in samples for only $99 when you sell $2,000 retail, cumulatively over each seasonal quarter, AMAZING!!! Break it down... by qualifying (selling $500 retail) each month plus another $500 over the 3 months and you have earned it!

  • LET'S CHAT I would love to schedule check in calls with everyone this week to see how things are going, what your goals are and how I can help you achieve them. Reply to this email and let's get 15 minutes on the books this week.

April is only half-way over, plenty of time to make things happen. Let's do this!!!

XO- Barb

Barb Fogel

Stella & Dot Star Stylist
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