Probability Project by Abigail Funk and Leanna Bomer


This is the type of game where you would play at a carnival and it would not be competitive. This game, at a carnival, would be 2 tickets for 3 tries. If you get the marble in the cup once, you get a small stuffed animal. If you get it in twice, you get a goldfish. If you get it in all three times, you get a life size teddy bear, which is awesome.


To play this game, you stand 1 foot away from the cup. You then attempt to roll the marble into the opening of the cup. Repeat this 3 times.

game description

To set up this game, you need a cup, with a hole a little bit bigger than the marble, and a marble.
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probability analysis

If you cut the hole big enough in the cup, the game is fair.

abigail's reflectiion

My overall feelings about this project was that it was fun and it was a good way to learn about probability. This project did help me understand probability better. My group worked together by telling each other what we need to do and we agreed what we did. Me and Leanna pulled our weight and we were both the boss of each other to make it fair.

leanna's reflection

i was happy about how this project turned out. The theoretical probability was very close to the experimental probability. I feel like I understand probability and the difference between experimental and theoretical probability a lot better. Me and Abby both pulled our weight and neither one of us bossed each other around. I really enjoyed this project