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Marian Central Catholic High School Faculty Newsletter

November 2, 2019

Reflecting on the past week...

Hope everyone had a great week of school! This week was full of activity, both inside and outside of the classroom.


On Monday, representatives from the Woodstock Police walked the building with the Administrative Team with the sole purpose of determining what enhancements can be made, short- and long-term, to improve the overall safety of our school. A couple things that are being looked at include:

- measurements have been taken to order shades for all of the classroom windows (on or to the side of the doors) so in the event of inherent danger within the school, classroom occupants can be more securely "hidden" if necessary.

- discussions about getting 3-M film for specific windows

- providing the police with access to keys/FOBs, floor plans, and camera access

- discussions about plans to reconfigure the area at the main entrance in order provide additional "challenge points" for any entrants

- additional trainings for staff members

and several other concepts.

I am sure everyone was disappointed that we were not able to have the evacuation drill this week... :) We will let you know when we reschedule it.


Comparative Anatomy students were modeling different types of injuries to the epidermis through a a burns and wounds lab this past Thursday. This is engagement at its best! Thanks to Mrs. Cetera and her students we have a few pictures too! Check them out below!

Please remember that Mr. J. Price and I would love to come check out what great things are going on in your classroom too! Just drop us an email and let us know what amazing things are going on in your classes so we can see how our students are engaged throughout the school!

NHS Inductions were Saturday, October 26. It was a wonderful ceremony with many proud parents in attendance. The way the current NHS members introduced the inductees was touching and we are very excited to see what these new members will accomplish! (Picture & list of students will be pushed out soon)

At Marian... Christ Lives!

We had a wonderful All School Mass this past Friday. It is always great to see our students involved, bringing up the gifts, being Eucharistic Ministers & readers, and the music... oh how wonderful the music has been! A great thanks to Mr. Toledo for raising the bar on the music to include band/orchestra members to enhance the beautiful voices of the choir! And, as usual, thank you to Father Twenty... sharing his wisdom and stories during the homily. Who would have thought that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would ever be the topic of a homily? It was a great realization that no matter what we have done in our lives... what mistakes we make... that God still graces us with the opportunity to rise to the level of sainthood... if we choose to listen.

When Lightning Strikes...

This Sunday, our NHS student leaders are facilitating the annual Rise Up Conference at Marian. This is a wonderful way for our students to teach leadership skills to area middle schoolers... who will hopefully become future students of Marian! What a great opportunity!

Such a good week!

What's coming up?

Sweater season is upon us! As of this coming Monday, all students must transition to sweaters and pants. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with dress code expectations for our students... as well as for our staff... below. Sweater season will be in place until after Spring Break. Thank you for providing a consistent message to our students through the enforcement of these expectations, and being a model for all of our students.

We have several important events occurring this week...


- 7:15 am is our first Academic Breakfast. This is a time to celebrate our students and their accomplishments. This not only recognizes those students with academic talent, but equally important is recognizing those that show grit... through our academic improvement award and those that show compassion and spiritual leadership... through our Discipleship award. Parents and students will be enjoying a continental breakfast in the cafeteria while being recognized... and it would be great (though not required) if they saw the faculty members that nominated them! Come join us!

- Tuesday is also underclassmen picture day. PE and Economic Classes must bring their students down to the gym commons so all students get their picture taken. Please see below for more details.


- Late Start! Meeting begins at 7:30 am in the cafeteria. Please click here for the agenda. Remember, PLCs are from 7:30 am to 9:30 am, after which classes begin at 9:45 am.


On Wednesday, NOV. 6th at 1:00 pm, we will be conducting our annual CODE RED (lockdown) drill, partnering with the Woodstock Police Department. They will be moving quickly through the building, checking for any areas of concern. Their notes are crucial for us to make the necessary improvements to maintain the safest possible environment for our staff and students.


  • Make sure you have your Crisis Response Flip-Chart handy, as well as an updated class roster. Please see Mr. J. Price if you need an additional Flip-Chart.
  • The procedures for any Code Red are listed on the BACK of the FLIP CHART for quick reference. Please familiarize yourself with these prior to the drill.
  • The CODE RED will be announced very simply, as administration will go on the P.A. and repeat: CODE RED DRILL, CODE RED DRILL: Begin Lockdown protocol .
  • DO NOT NEED TO PLACE THE RED/GREEN CARD UNDER YOUR DOOR OR IN YOUR WINDOW TO DISPLAY! It is more important to make sure your door is locked, lights are off, and ALL students, faculty, and staff are out of sight and QUIET.
  • Please be prepared to take WRITTEN attendance, noting if any students are missing from your class. In the event of a true situation, this will become very important after we secure the building, and then proceed to the next "wave" of response.

With this drill - we WILL announce the conclusion of the drill, and you may resume your class instruction. In the event of a TRUE Code Red, this will NOT HAPPEN. In a true Code Red event, emergency responders will release you room by room.


Performances for Marian Theater Department's fall play, Ask Any Girl, will be this coming weekend. Please know that all Marian staff will receive 2 complementary tickets for the play... so there are NO excuses for not being able to come see our students perform!

Come on out and support our Thespians!

Have a wonderful week!

Is this the burn unit?

Sweater Season is coming!

Starting November 4, students will be out of their polos and are expected to wear their Marian Sweaters. Please be aware of the following expectations...

- Girls are required to wear either solid white or solid blue dress blouses with collars, long or short sleeves. Blouses must always be of a length to be worn tucked into the slacks. All buttons except for the top button are to be fastened.

- Boys are required to wear either solid white or solid blue dress shirts. Shirts must always be of a length to be worn tucked into the slacks. All buttons including the top button are to be fastened when wearing a tie. Conventional ties must be worn to cover the top button of the dress shirt. No bow ties are allowed. Ties may not be distracting or disrespectful.

In addition, dress expectations for faculty during this time include the following...

- Acceptable women's attire includes dresses, dress blouses, knit tops, sweaters, blazers, business suits, dress skirts, dress pants, pant suits, socks, and other hosiery, dress shoes, and conservative dress boots.

- Acceptable men's attire includes suits, sport coats, dress shirts and ties, dress slacks, dress socks, dress shoes, and conservative dress boots.

Thank you for both adhering to the professional expectations of faculty attire as well as supporting and enforcing student dress code.


November 5th, Mr. DeWane will be here to take pictures of our underclassmen.

Pictures will be taken during all Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior PE classes.

Students that are not in PE, but in economics first semester will also need to be photographed, so all of these classes must come down to the Gym Commons during their class period as well.


Attention Staff!

Do you have an amazing picture from a club, sport, or even an activity in your classroom? Please share it with the Publications staff through the Replay it app on your phone. Simply download the app, sign-in to our school, and upload your pictures. If you have any questions, please contact Jenna Micko.

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This Week's Schedule

As you work through your plans this week, please note these events. For a more detailed list, check out our school calendar, 8to18 Athletics Calendar or Clubs/Organizations Page

Sunday, November 3, 2019

NHS Rise Up Conference

Monday, November 4, 2019

9:00 am ~ Facilities/Directors Meeting, rm 145

2:35 pm ~ Confessions, Chapel

2:45 pm ~ Daily Mass, Chapel

3:15 pm ~ Fall Production Rehearsal, Auditorium

7:00 pm ~ Kairos Parent Meeting, Chapel

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Underclassmen Photos

7:15 am ~ Academic Breakfast, Cafeteria

Lunches ~ Army Rep in Cafeteria

2:35 pm ~ Confessions, Chapel

2:45 pm ~ Daily Mass, Chapel

3:15 pm ~ Fall Production Rehearsal, Auditorium

6:30 pm ~ Fine Arts Booster Meeting, Auditorium

7:00 pm ~ Kairos Parent Meeting, Chapel

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Late Start Schedule # 8

7:30 - 9:30 am ~ PLC meetings

9:45 am ~ Classes start

1:00 pm ~ Code Red Drill

2:35 pm ~ Confessions, Chapel

2:45 pm ~ Daily Mass, Chapel

6:30 pm ~ Parent Association Meeting, Annex

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Lunches ~ Adoration, Chapel

2:30 pm ~ Fall Rehearsal Dinner, Cafeteria

2:35 pm ~ Confessions, Chapel

2:45 pm ~ Daily Mass, Chapel

5:30 pm ~ Girls Volleyball Regionals, All Gyms

Friday, November 8, 2019

Spirit Dress Down Day

2:35 pm ~ Confessions, Chapel

2:45 pm ~ Daily Mass, Chapel

7:00 pm ~ Fall Production

Saturday, November 9, 2019

7:00 pm ~ Fall Production

Sunday, November 10, 2019

2:00 pm ~ Fall Production

Happy Birthday to...

No Birthdays this week!

Sunday, Nov. 3 is also Daylight Savings Time... so don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour!