Children and Gun Safety?

Adrian Hernandez

Should children learn gun safety?

Kids should know gun safety because it can help with children's safety and this knowledge is great for future uses.
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Background information

What could happen if kids did know these rules

Children knowing these rules can change a lot. It could help with the protection for one another. It can help with fighting crime. It may also help with making the percentages of young children deaths. Ted Alcorn says."According to surveys, fewer than 15% of gun-owning households with children store their firearms unlocked and loaded or with ammunition -- but such households accounted for nearly two-thirds of the unintentional child shootings we tracked." Boston Globe, Bedrin, Jaime states."The United States has one of the highest reported rates of unintentional child gun deaths in the world....Which is why it's so concerning that a group of Iowa lawmakers want to make it easier for kids to access a handgun." Causey, James E.comments that."Last week [August 2009], I spoke to a group of students--three girls and six boys--involved in an anti-gun, anti-violence campaign at the Safe & Sound program on the city's south side.This anti-gun effort was no theoretical exercise for these kids. They told me, as wise ones would a clueless relation, that guns were everywhere in their lives, in their neighborhoods. Maybe we should be rethinking this gun control issue." In conclusion they all do believe that Kids should be able to use guns and learn gun safety.

Counter Arguments

The article says "children shouldn't know about guns and there safety until the right age because its to dangerous . Also some may say kids could hurt someone or them selves if they don't know the proper way usage.Yet no one would know who to blame for the murder of a dead kid. Would it be the owner of the child who shot the gun or would it be the parent of the child.Ted Alcorn states that."Nearly 30 states have adopted "child access prevention laws," which vary in character but generally hold the owner criminally liable if a gun winds up in a child's hands."Portland Press Herald, Dill, Cynthia states. "Why is it a 6-year-old child can pick up an iPhone and be prevented from accessing its contents because of a pass code, but that same child can pick up a gun and shoot his 3-year-old brother in the face and kill him by accident...Smart technology is available that would significantly reduce the number of gun deaths in this country." In conclusion these men and women believe that young children should not be able too use guns or learn gun safety.