Hays High School Home of the Hawks

August 8th-12th

First Day of School is Tuesday August 16th

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Principal's Message

Hawk Family,

I am thrilled to welcome all of you to the 2022-2023 school year. I am excited to begin my first year at Hays and work with all our students, staff, families, and community.

This year begins with some changes that we all will be experiencing. We are asking our students not utilize their cellphones and earbuds during instructional time/class. We do understand that in case of an emergency students would need to use their phones, and we will make allowances in those cases. Students will be allowed to use their phones and earbuds at lunch.

I would also like to ask that you speak to your Hays High School student about not propping open doors at Hays High School. As a staff we will be working feverishly to ensure all outside doors are locked and closed at all times. There have been previous reports that rocks have been left in doors to prop them open. I am asking that you help us secure our school by having a conversation with your student about the importance of not doing this. Safety is our number one priority at Hays, and therefore our entire community must be informed of why locked and closed doors must be standard practice. I know that we can tackle this issue together.

Hays is community focused on academics and safety, and we will continue to work together to make our school the best place to learn, grow, and flourish.

I am thankful and grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and I look forward to meeting all of our students next week!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns 512-268-2911.


Tina Salazar


Hays High School

Hays High School Bell Schedule 2022-2023

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Hays High School Red/Blue/Gray Calendar

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Hays High School Dress Code

School Dress Code:

General Expectation

Students may not wear any article of clothing that contains offensive language or symbols. All students are expected to be in compliance with dress expectations from the time they arrive until the time they leave campus.

All clothing, backpacks, book covers, etc., must not depict or reference alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weapons, nudity, gang affiliation, death, violence, vulgar or obscene language or images, and/or insults to race, religion, gender or ethnicity, or other emblems or writing that may be expected to cause a material or substantial disruption of, or interference with, normal school operations. (including, but not limited to, display of the confederate flag).

For more information, see Hays CISD Policy FNCA(LOCAL)

Hats/Hoodies/Head coverings

Hats or any other head coverings are not allowed to be worn or displayed by students while on the campus of Jack C. Hays High School between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm. This includes baseball caps, cowboy hats, bandannas, do rags, skull caps or any other type of headwear or head coverings. Hats / head coverings will be confiscated and returned only to the parent. Students are not permitted to wear hoods or “hoodies” while on campus. All hats shall be kept in student vehicles or in backpacks, out of sight. Exceptions may be made for school-sponsored spirit days with approval of the principal, in advance.


Shirts must be worn at an appropriate length. The district prohibits emblems on any shirt that are lewd, vulgar or obscene. Shirts must not depict tobacco products, alcohol or alcoholic beverages, drugs or any other illegal substances, nor should it depict offensive language or symbols. [FNCG (LEGAL)]. Tank tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, exposed back or midriffs, see through garments are not permitted. Belly buttons/mid section should not be visible on any student.


All pants should be worn at the waist and fit appropriately. No “sagging” or “bagging” is permitted. Students will be given an opportunity to correct the issue by either being issued school-provided pants or by parent/guardian bringing appropriate clothing to school. Students who refuse to correct the issue will be assigned to In-School Suspension for the remainder of the day or until a parent/guardian brings appropriate pants to school for the student. Tight fitting pants (such as tights, Spandex, bicycle pants or leggings) should be worm with a shirt that covers the areas below the waist. Pants should not have excessive holes or fraying. Pajama pants are not allowed. Due to safety concerns, oversized (trench coat style) coats or any other over-sized clothing is prohibited.


Shorts are permitted to be worn at school. All skirts, shorts and skorts must be of a modest length. Shorts must not be “sagging” or “bagging” and shall be worn at the waist, same rules as pants (see above). Shorts, skirts and skorts can be worn no shorter than the tips of the middle fingers when the arms are naturally beside the body.


Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Flip-flops are permitted but must be worn at all times.


The following piercings are permitted on the campus of Jack C. Hays High School: ears, small nose stud or hoop. Absolutely no facial piercings, other than a small nose stud/hoop, will be allowed, covered or uncovered. Body piercings must not be visible. Inappropriate jewelry may be confiscated and returned only to parents.

Sunglasses/Chains Sunglasses are not to be worn over the eyes, inside the building at any time. Chains in clothing will be considered a safety issue and students will be given the opportunity to correct.

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Hays vs Akins Peanut Butter Football Bowl

Hays CISD is partnering with Peanut Butter Bowl to collect jars of peanut butter to feed hungry souls. Please help us raise peanut butter for those to need. You can drop jars of peanut butter off at the main office or the field house.

New District Cell Phone and Earbud Policy

After consideration and continuing discussions with the district student advisory panel, teachers, parents and administration; Hays CISD has decided that beginning in 2022 - 2023, students will not be allowed to use their cell phones or earbuds during instructional time. This decision is designed to help preserve the quality and integrity of instruction. Students will still be able to use their district provided devices during classes, which connect to the internet on the district’s safe and filtered network. During an emergency, students will, of course, be able to use their cell phones. See Board Policy FNCE (Local) for additional information.

Students at Hays HS will be allowed to utilize their phones and earbuds during their lunch.

Hays HS ID Requirement

Hays High School is committed to promoting a safe environment. As part of that plan, everyone on campus is required to visibly wear their school ID. Students will be provided with a free ID at the beginning of the school year. All ID's provided after that will cost $6.00.

Hays HS closed to Meal Delivery Services

As part of enhanced safety at campuses, beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, all Hays CISD campuses will no longer accept deliveries from meal delivery services or restaurants for student lunches. Parents may still bring outside food for their children if they plan to deliver the meals directly to their children during the child’s designated lunch period. All guests are required to follow existing safety protocols and check in with an ID at the front office.
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Red and Blue Rally

Wednesday, Aug. 17th, 6:30pm

4800 Jack C Hays Trail

Buda, TX

Please join us at Bob Shelton stadium to celebrate all our fall sport teams, band, color guard, drill team, and cheer team.

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