Weekly Newsletter

How do we care for pets?

This week we focused on "how to take care of pets?"

The first thing we did was understand how pets communicate. I explained that we communicate with words, but also our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and tone of voice communicate our feelings too.

So we went on and studied how bees communicate using "wiggles"; how dogs and cats communicate using their tails and fur; how our rainbow fish expresses her anger by flaring her gills...

Then we learned about how to keep our pets and how to keep their habitats clean too. We watched dogs and cats getting groomed by professionals. Also, we made a list of things we can do to keep animals healthy.

Take a look at this week's activities and enjoy!


Poem and Game

Here is the beehive,

But, where are the bees?

They're hidden away

Where nobody sees.

When we're standing still,

They'll exit the hive.

Watch and you'll see...

One, two, three, four, five.


Wash the Bugs -Sensory Activity

We are absolutely addicted to sensory activities around here. They are one of our favorite ways to play. We created this incredibly simple bug sensory activity and it was smash hit. A little dirt and a little bubbles makes for one happy kid!

Are you my mother?

"Are You My Mother?" is a cute story about a baby bird who, in search for his mother, goes around asking several different animals, including a cat, hen, dog and cow, if they are his mother. We read this book and then did this matching printable activity with our kids.

Read It, Write It, Build It

Students picked a card with a name from our classroom and "read" it, then wrote it, and the looked for the letters to build it. Children practiced early reading skills, fine motors and alphabet recognition.

Number Mats

I invited the children to join me in a math game. They used "Under the Sea" mats to identify numbers and add the corresponding bubbles.

Our Pledge to Rainbow

This week we had a little incident with Rainbow's fish tank. I found some play dough in the water. So we talked about what could happen to Rainbow if we put random things inside it. Then we wrote down how we can take care of Rainbow. Children stamped their fingerprints on it as a sign of commitment.
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Snap Shots!

Cereal Boxes Wanted

For an upcoming event, we would like to kindly request 1 cereal box per child. If you have more than one, even better!
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Rainbow Calendar

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  • Tuesday, May 17th ES Counseling Department will be holding a parent workshop in the PAC on Child Protection: Sexual Abuse Prevention from 12:30-2:30pm.