Kitô Vua Hội Đồng Huynh Trưởng

January 2015


Đoàn Trưởng- Tr. Tân

  • Our new Vietnamese Cardinal is Phêrô Nguyễn Văn Nhơn. Please pray for him.

Phó Quản Trị- Tr. Khoa

  • Los Angeles Religious Education Congress is canceled.
  • Vietnamese Youth Convention (VYC) for Hiệp Sĩ and Huynh Trưởng will be from July 4-6, 2015 in Tacoma, Washington. All future fundraiser efforts will go towards VYC. The project director is Tr. Khanh.
  • Two carnivals for Tết on a Parish and community level will occur. We will sell food at the community carnival.
  • Huynh Trưởng ID Badges- Pilot Program
-Help ID who we are

-Informs school that we are active Huynh Trưởng

-Ban Chấp Hành Exclusive Program

-If no photo, then one might not have a photo on ID badge if the program launches.

Phó Nghiên Huấn- Tr. Thảo

  • Huynh Trưởng Getaway is on 1/23/15-1/24/15.

-Theme: Your talent is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to God.

-Activities are designed to help you find out about yourselves and each other.

-Bonding time!!!

-It is still not too late to sign up. Next Sunday will be the last week to sign up.

  • ADL Lể Bổn Mạng is on Sunday, January 18th. Their Flag Ceremony is at 2:45pm and Mass is at 4:45pm.
  • Trivia Question: Give the 3 elements of Baptism. Tr. Viên answered water, blood, and desire.

Ngành Hiệp- Tr. Khanh
  • VYC is a 14 hour drive. The cost is $235.00 per person.

-$115.00 for early registration (food included).

-Fundraiser Participation Refund Program: more participation, more refund

-We hope to have 40 participants.

-Upcoming fundraiser efforts will include photo-booth at Church Festival & Candy Grams.

  • Nursing Home – Rotational bases

-Once a month on a Saturday

-Alternate persons in charge

-Tr. Jenny will be conducting a presentation on how to treat and speak to the elderly.

--Sensitivity on age group

--Might be the 1st week of February

January Birthdays

  • 01/02/15: Tr. Mimi
  • 01/04/15: Tr. Derek
  • 01/16/15: Tr. Nhung
  • 01/17/15: Tr. Bryan
  • 01/19/15: HSTT Celine
  • 01/22/15: Tr. Vina
  • 01/29/14: Tr. Phượng Mary

Upcoming Events

  • 1/23-1/24/15: Huynh Trưởng/Trợ Tá Getaway
  • 2/14/15: Hội Trợ Tết at Vietnamese Martyrs Parish

Remarks for the Good of the Chapter

Thank you to Tr. Thu for hosting both the Choir and Huynh Trưởng Christmas New Year Potluck Celebrations!

Thank you to Tr. Nhung for coordinating the annual Christmas/New Year Potluck Celebration!

Thank you to Tr. Thảo Vũ for helping out with the Choir Christmas/New Year Potluck Celebration!

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