Executive Branch

Infographic - Quinn Devine Hour 3

1) What is the line of presidential succession?

  • Presidential Succession is the order of us takes over for the president after removal or death
  • The 25th Amendment in 1967 “In case of the removal of the president from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President”

  • Vice President
  • Speaker of the House
  • President pro tempore of the senate
  • Secretary of State
  • Secretary of the Treasury
  • .... (View List) Pictures Below

2) What are the major responsibilities of the VP?

  • Vice President must be ready to accept the role as the president in a case of emergency.
  • Helps decide out with presidential disability.
  • Potential President in the waiting.
  • VP Makes $230,000 a year (no set retirement)
  • Deals with Foreign Policy, Obama Care, Federal Budget

3) How has his influence and prominence changed over time?

  • Being Vice President may be a boring and have a small roll in passing bills into laws etc. But its still a important job and you have a big responsibility and must be able to accept the pressure of possibly being the president in a time of need.
  • The VP helps strengthen the presidents chances of winning elections, and does whats asked of the presidents when they meet.
  • Several Vice Presidents have succeeded to the presidency. This influenced the government big.

4) What leaders make up the President's Cabinet?

  • 15 directors in the Executive Branch help advise the president who advise on issues that fall under their personal/departmental responsibilities
  • Vice President
  • White House Chief of Staff

5) What is the purpose and duty of the Cabinet?

  • The Cabinet of the United States is made of the most senior appointed officers of the executive branch federal government of the US
  • They direct the individual departments of the government
  • They Advise the President on matters related to their own department.

6) What is the purpose of the National Security Council and who is in it?

  • The National Security Council was created in 1947 to advise the President on military and foreign policy.
  • Helps The President on National Security Concerns and issues
  • The National Security Council is made out of the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Treasury, Vice President, Head of the CIA

7) What does the Office of Management and Budget Do?

  • The Office of Management and Budget assist the president in preparing the annual federal budget to oversee administration with the executive branch.
  • The main idea of Office of Management is to produce the President's budget

8) What are the duties of the Chief of Staff, Press Secretary, and White House Staff members?

  • Over 100 people are employed with the President’s for Personal aids, advisors, and staff who advise him on matters dealing with the Presidency and the Nation
  • Chief of Staff *William Daley* is the closest man to the President
  • Press Secretary gives advice on how to deal with the media and help maintain a positive public image
  • Staff Members are specialists employed for advice

9) What is the Federal Bureaucracy?

  • Federal Bureaucracy consists of the departments, agencies, that almost anyone can join
  • Examples: Postal workers, soldiers etc
  • Federal Bureaucracy is divided into three categories of the bureaucracy: Cabinet, Independent Agencies, Regulatory Commissions.

10) Give examples of Agencies within the Cabinet Departments and summarize what they do (8)

  • 1 Secretary of Agriculture - head of the us Department of agriculture. The current secretary is Tom Vilsack
  • 2 Secretary of Commerce - Focused on providing American businesses and entrepreneurs with the tools they need to grow and hire
  • 3 Secretary of Defense - Secretary of Defense's power over the United States military is second only to that of the President.
  • 4 Secretary of Education - Providing federal aid to educational institutions and financial aid to students
  • 5 Secretary of Energy - They are concerned with the United States policies regarding energy and safety in handling nuclear material
  • 6 Secretary of Labor - Helps us get jobs and benefits
  • 7 Secretary of State - The head of the State Department is responsible for foreign affairs.
  • 8 Secretary of the Treasury - Deals with all financial and money for government

11) Give examples of Independent Agencies and summarize what they do (6)

  • FEMA
  • USGS
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Peace Corps
  • Postal Service
  • USA Freedom Corpse

Like any other company. They report to America and to the Government. But they provide special services to the President.

12) Give examples of Regulatory Commissions and summarize what they do (4)

  • US Maritime Service
  • Federal Communications Commission
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Health and Human Services

Have a special watch over what America does. Have critical watch over industries