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Earthquakes PBL

Driving Question: How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two-story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?

Q: What was the project all about?

A: It was about learning to be prepared for things like natural disasters. It was also to learn about earthquakes. We learned about earthquake resistant technologies, and how we could use them in our house.

Q:What was my team's design for the project?

A: We decided to put the supports (toothpicks) and base-isolator (cement, clay) because it would help to stick the house down in the "quake”. We put the string to signify the first floor and support the house. We put popsicle sticks (wood) as our walls because in our research it suggested we use wood because it us more flexible in an earthquake. We put clay on top of the "wood" as the ceiling so we could support the "wood" and have something to stick the straws (roof) into. We put cross races to support the frame of the building.

Q:What were the main points I learned by completing the project?

A: The main points I learned were:

β€’ To reduce earthquake damage, building have to be made stronger and more flexible

β€’ Taller buildings are more subject to damage than single-story houses

β€’ In order to withstand seismic activity, you need base-isolaters

β€’ Houses and buildings need earthquake resistant technologies in order to survive and earthquake

β€’ In order to find a good place to build a house, you need to β€”

1) Find an area of low risk earthquakes

2) Choose a place away from fault lines

3) Choose places away from past major earthquakes

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My First Design

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My Second Design

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Final Team Blueprint

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Final Product

30 Hands Project

Q: What did I learn from this project?

A: I learned about the following -

β€’ Climate Change

β€’ 3 types of climate change

β€’ How climate change will affect people, animals, and ecosystems

β€’ The Greenhouse Effect

β€’ How the greenhouse effect works

β€’ Natural procceses contributing to the greenhouse effect

β€’ Human activities contributing to the greenhouse effect

β€’ Global Warming

β€’ What is causing Global Warming

β€’ Emissions of gas from human activity

β€’ Results of Global Warming

Q: What did I enjoy about the project?

A: One thing I enjoyed was making the Pic Collages. I loved choosing the background, and how I made all the slides a different background. Choosing the fonts and colors were also fun. For some weird reason, I really enjoyed looking up pictures for the Pic Collages. I especially enjoyed listening to myself recording and laughed if I said something wrong or weirdly ( which I did a lot). But what I enjoyed the most was seeing it all come together. My greatest joy was when google drive finally worked, and it uploaded my project to google classroom. Then I clicked the "done" button, and it was like there was a great weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Examples of Slides from project ⬆️

Invention Convention

Q: What is the environmental problem you are solving with your invention/innovation?
A: With our innovation we will be solving the problem of the carbon footprint left by helicopters. This carbon foot print comes from helicopter emissions and engines. In evaluating the carbon footprint of a helicopter, consider the fact that a Bell 206 will use around 16 gallons of fuel to travel 58 miles, while a van may burn only 5 gallons to cover the same distance. Because gas is a fossil fuel, and considered non-renewable, it will be wasting our fossil fuels. With all of that gasoling being burned, the atmosphere gets worse and worse. What happens is the gas being burnt goes up into the atmosphere, and adds more gasses to the atmosphereic air. This speeds up and adds on to the greenhouse efrect, which speeds up global warming and climate change, and makes it happen in more areas. If that keeps happening, the ozone layer will keep getting damaged too. If it gets damaged too much, harmful UV rays come down and make Global Warming even worse.


#1- http://www.abdonline.com/







#2- My 30 Hands project

Q: How does your invention/innovation help to solve this problem?

A: By being solar powered, this helicopter reduces the carbon footprint in the atmosphere. By using an electric motor, we will not burn gasoline that pollutes the atmosphere and makes climate change speed up. It will also not waste the amount of non-renewable fossil fuels that are used and wasted.

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Right side veiw

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Left Side Veiw

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Final Sketch