American Revolution (1775-1783)

By: Collin Jacobs, Triet Nguyen , Luke Schmidt

Compare the causes, characteristics, and consequences of the American Revolution, emphasizing the role of the Enlightenment, the Glorious Revolution, and religion:

American Revolution was the birth to America , it lasted more then 10 years and across 13 rebelling colonies . The enlightenment serve as an inspiration with it principle of equality and nature right by inspiring people to secure their right . Further more the glorious revolution prompted several rebellion against royal control .

Describe how people have participated in supporting or changing their governments:

Throughout the Revolution people participate in supporting or changing their government by rebelling against their home country , one example is the Boston tea party in 1773.

Identify the impact of political and legal ideas contained in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution:

The Declaration of Independence was written to be against King George lll. They wrote it with the point that they didn't want to have the colonies be like what they were like under the rule of King George, the ideas used in the Declaration and of the Constitution made King George angry. Along with these documents being written the Colonies revolted by protesting like the way that they did in the Boston Tea Party.

Describe the rights and responsibilities of citizens and noncitizens in civic participation throughout history:

Earlier in the history of American, citizens were told what to do by Great Britain or king George. They were required to pay taxes on imported goods. This bothered the people of the colonies . Many people, by their social class had to do a certain job, farmer, soldier, or if you had a nice amount of money could be in the upper class and have to do nothing. You would have your own people working for you. As time went on, as the US wanted to separate from Great Britain, they felt that they were being forced to by creating the Declaration of Independence and the constitution it gave rights to many citizens who felt like they had none. With the separation from Britain the US and it's citizens felt like they were free.

Trace the influence of the American revolution on Latin America:

It inspired several of the Spanish colonies in the New World to do what we did and overthrow their colonial leaders. They found out if we could do it against Britain, they could throw out the Spanish. Who were nowhere near as strong as Britain.

Identify examples of key persons who were successful in shifting political thought:

Patriots such as John Adams contributed his skills as a lawyer,his skills as a writer and speaker, and his passion for the freedom, natural rights, and representative democracy. He served as a delegate in the Continental Congress, where he spoke about independence from Great Britain and helped convince many delegates to adopt the Declaration of Independence.

George Washington was commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. he was the first president of the United States of America. he wanted a commission in the British Army before the Revolution. He became an early advocate for separation from Great Britain. During the war, He became leader and fought for independence. Both Washington and Adams were apart of the first Continental Congress in America. These patriots developed laws of the colonial rights, including life, liberty, and property. Also they thought taxation without representation shouldn’t be taken.

Identify the influence of ideas such as separation of powers, checks and balances, liberty, equality, democracy, popular sovereignty, human rights, constitutionalism, and nationalism on political revolutions:

Separation of power influenced the revolution because once the colonies decided that they wanted to use this idea King George lll got angry that he wouldn't have the power anymore. It's kinda the same thing with checks and balances King George wanted full control, since the colonies wanted a new government with checks and balances this angered Britain. Liberty, equality, democracy, popular sovereignty, human rights, constitutionalism, and nationalism were all ideas introduced by the Declaration and Constitution. Things like having a democratic government and equality were all new things to the colonies and since they were all against Britain, it made the British angry.
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This is a political cartoon was created by Benjamin Franklin to show that the colonies even though they should have unity should join together along with Britain to defeat the French and the Indians.

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