Toll Gate Times - May 2019

Building Information

Ms. Kristi Motsch, Principal

Mrs. Andrea McVay, Assistant Principal

Mr. Darren Drake, Guidance

12183 Toll Gate Rd., Pickerington, OH.


Letter From the Principal

Dear Parents:

18 more school days! Can you believe that this school year is almost over? There are still many important upcoming events so please check the calendar on the other side, as well as your child’s classroom newsletter.

We would like to thank the countless volunteers that contribute so much to our school community. We hope that you will stop in the Volunteer Room sometime during the week of May 7 for a special gift. This is our chance to let you know how much we appreciate you!

We are encouraging our friends and neighbors to clean out their old newspapers, magazines, shopping catalogs and papers and put them in the green and yellow paper-recycling container located in our front parking lot. No cardboard or other recyclables please. Spread the word! Let’s get our community involved!

We hope that you will join us for our Celebration of Learning on May 15 & 17. This is an opportunity for your children to showcase their learning opportunities for the year. Please look at the grade level schedule of specific events in this newsletter. Since we have several performances taking place, please allow time for parking & walking into the building.

We look forward to another awesome school year. To our 4th graders, we wish you well as you enter middle school.

Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather with your family.

Educationally Yours,

Kristi Motsch

Mrs. Kristi Motsch

Principal, Toll Gate Elementary

Growing Leaders!

Dates To Remember May 2019

May 1- 2 Hour delay- Professional Development Day

Fun Run!

May 2 & 3 - Air Testing Math 4th Gr.

May 7 - Author Visit

May 8 - 3rd Grade Field Trip

May 9 - 4th Grade Health Day

May 14-16 - 2nd Grade Celebration of Learning (split into two sessions/days)

May 14 – Carr, Iten & Gates

May 16 – Brandt, Cieply & Reynolds

May 15 - 3rd Grade Field Trip

Kndg. Lunch

May 17 - Celebration of Learning –4th 1-3 PM

Leadership Day – Visitors from other schools will come to observe our Leader in Me process

May 20 - Disability Awareness Day

May 21 - Fun Day/Grill-Out Day for students

May 22 -4th Grade Field Trip

May 23 Zoo Assembly

May 24 Last Day of School


AM Kndg. – 9:15am-11:00am

PM Kndg. – 11:50am-2:05pm

Fourth Grade Family Night at Toll Gate Middle School

Parents of all current 4th graders and students that are planning to attend

Toll Gate Middle School next year are invited to attend a Family Night on May 14

from 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

Lunch Reminders

For your information, please verify that your child's meal account is paid in full before the end of the school year. All negative balances must be paid in full before May 24, 2019. All balances will transfer with your child in the 2019-2020 school year.

May 9 will be the last day that a student may charge a lunch. Lunch cost is $2.50. Also, any negative balances should be paid off in full. Starting on May 10, NO CHARGING OF ANY MEALS WILL BE ALLOWED. If a student has a negative balance, or a balance not high enough to cover the cost of a lunch, the balance will need to be paid or increased prior to the student receiving lunch. Use www.mypaymentsplus.comor call 1-866-711-7341 if you need to know the balance in your student's lunch account or to add money to your student's account.

Birthday Book Club Members

The following students have helped our library grow by purchasing a book from our Birthday Book Club Collection. Thank you for supporting our school library.

Brooke D., William A., Haleigh H., Lucy B., Sam M., Kilian H., Evan R., Daniel H., Akin M.,Martha F., Keira M., Brooklyn H., Griffin H., Lilian B., Owen R., James C., Mia F.,Audrie J., Claire D., Annie M., Hadley B., Micah W., Madison H., Kristina F., Luke G., Weston K., Sydney M., Jordyn H., Kirsten W., Princeton A., Evie B., Elgin B., Riley S., Kaelyn S., Samuel H., Chloe G., Isaac L.,

Newbery Reader


Newbery Club

Congratulations to 4th graders Maddyn W., Bella C., and Lani O. and 3rd graders Maki K., Hailey G.,and Sydney M. for earning a spot in the Newbery Club by reading 10 Newbery winning books and passing the AR quizzes. Consider picking up a Newbery winning book and starting to work toward the club. If you haven’t read a Newbery Award winning book why don’t you challenge yourself to read one during this last quarter of the year? For a complete list of all Newbery Medal Books go to:

Nurse Notes

1.) Information for the Incoming Kindergarten Class:

Health Requirements for incoming kindergarten students:

The 2019-2020 Required Childhood Immunization Schedule per the Ohio Department of Health:

Immunizations: 5 doses of DTP (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus)

4 doses of OPV/IPV (Polio)

3 doses of Hepatitis B

2 doses of MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)***

2 doses of Varivax (chicken pox)**

**Or written proof from physician or parent of when the child had the disease

(***Note: 1st dose of MMR and Varivax should have been given ON or AFTER the 1st birthday, and not prior to)

Physical Exam: Due by August 1, 2019

Physician’s Report (Blue form) must be filled out and signed by your child's physician

** Please be sure that it is complete with Date of Exam and has a signature from the Physician ONLY.

(**Must be on file at school in order for your child to start school on time)

2.) Year End Information:

MEDICATIONS: If your child has medication here at school, especially prescription medication, please make arrangements to pick up the medicine before the school year ends. We cannot send home medication with your child at the end of the school year. Any medication that is left in the clinic over the summer will be destroyed.

If your child will need prescription medication for the 2019-2020 school year, please feel free to pick up a "Request for Administration of Medication by School Personnel" form at the office or download from the PLSD website @

3.) Health Concerns:

In thinking ahead to next school year, please be sure to alert the school nurse, before the first day of school, regarding any significant changes in your child’s health or medical needs. Be sure to also note this information on the Emergency Medical Authorization form that will be filled out online or come home in your student’s first day packet of information. Any health concerns noted this school year, will be shared with your child’s school nurse for next school year.

4.) Dressing for spring and summer:

Please remember to dress your child appropriately with changing temperatures. Remember to send them with a light jacket as needed.

Also, tennis shoes are the safest shoes to protect your child's feet from injury.

5.) Article about Readiness to be home alone in the summer:

Leaving Your Child Home Alone

As the end of the school year approaches, many working parents are faced with childcare decisions. One question parents often have is when is it appropriate to leave children home alone while parents work? Like most other states, Ohio does not indicate an age at which children are deemed old enough to be on their own. This means parents must decide for themselves when they and their children are ready. This article will provide you with some guidelines to help you assess your family’s childcare needs before summer arrives.

Readiness of Your Child

Parents often use age as the main factor in deciding to leave the children at home. This may work if the child is a 13-year-old or a responsible 9-yr-old, but what about middle school-aged kids? Although maturity levels vary greatly, most children 10 and under would not be adequately equipped to respond in an emergency situation. So how do you know what to do? Well, you know your child. Ask how he or she feels about being home alone. Does he/she seem anxious or confident that he/she can handle it? Some other things to consider include:

  • Does your child listen and follow directions?
  • Does your child accept responsibility such as homework and household chores?
  • Does your child remain calm or become upset when things don’t go his or her way?
  • Does your child make good choices or take unnecessary risks?

Preparing Your Child

It’s a good idea to make sure your child knows what to do in various situations, including emergencies. Experts recommend discussing in detail and even writing out instructions for you child explaining what to do in specific situations such as:

  • Locking/ unlocking doors, using a security system if applicable.
  • Answering the phone (not letting the caller know a parent isn’t home).
  • How to call parent (work, cell phone numbers).
  • How and when to call 911, what information to provide.
  • Answering the door.
  • Basic first aid.
  • How to prepare food – microwave, cold food already prepared, use of stove.
  • Threat of severe weather.

In addition to the above information, it’s recommended that children are also given names and phone numbers of trusted adults they can contact, such as a neighbor or family friend who can be available if needed. Other helpful numbers would be the non-emergency police and fire department numbers, family doctor and local emergency room numbers. This information should be posted in a central location such as the kitchen, where the child can find it easily.

Be aware of daily schedules and discuss any changes to the schedule in advance if possible. Have designated times that you and your child will call to “check in” with each other during the day.

Regardless of how old or responsible your children are, please take the time to “childproof” your home if you will be leaving children home alone. Children of all ages can fall prey to the dangers in our homes. These include things such as alcohol, prescription and nonprescription medications, tobacco products, matches and lighters, guns and even car keys to spare cars.

Preparing to Go

Once you decide that you and your child are ready, it’s best to ease into your new situation. Experts recommend leaving the child alone for short periods at first and gradually extending the time periods. While doing this, you can assess how your child is feeling about his/ her new role and address any concerns along the way. No child should be forced into accepting too much responsibility before he or she is ready. Hopefully these guidelines will help you make the best decision for your family.


American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry

National Crime Prevention Council

Immunization Clinics

See Attachment for Immunization clinics near you.

Dismissal Procedures

If your child is going home differently than usual, we must have a note from you signifying this. Otherwise your child will be sent home his/her usual way. If an emergency arises, please call the office before 2:30 p.m. to change your child’s dismissal procedure. We cannot ensure that your child will get the message after this time, as this is when classroom folders with messages are delivered. Thanks!

Safety First

Did you know that we have monthly practice drills that include fire and tornado drills, medical evacuation and lockdown procedures? In addition, our Head Custodian conducts periodic perimeter checks throughout the day. As a staff we frequently discuss current safety practices and make adjustments if necessary. Substitute teachers are provided with emergency information through sub plans and those plans are checked frequently. The district purchased 2 AED devices and has partnered with Fairfield Medical Center to train all of our 4th graders & most staff on hands on CPR. All doors are kept locked at all times. It is extremely important to us that we provide a safe environment while you share your child with us.


Our entire staff is committed to providing a safe environment for your children. You can help! Our staff asks that you slow down when approaching Toll Gate Elementary school grounds. We ask that when you enter school grounds, please be watchful especially during morning drop off and pick up. Remember that our morning bell rings at 9:05 a.m. with the tardy bell ringing at 9:15 a.m. Allow your child sufficient time to get to class by 9:15 a.m. Students dismiss at 3:55 p.m. Please be watchful at crosswalks, especially in the parking lot. Our Toll Gate Elementary staff asks for your respect, your responsibility, and your cooperation in making our school a safe place for all of our children!


Are you planning to move this summer? If so, and have yet to inform the school office, would you please complete this form and return ASAP. This will help us to maintain current and accurate records. Thank you for your cooperation.

Child(ren) Name (s) __________________________________________________

Teacher (s) __________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________ Phone#____________________

Moving to what district? ____________________ Date ___________________

(If applicable, please pay fees, lunch charges and return all books)

Let Us Hear From You!!

We want to hear from you! As a valued resource of our school, your ideas and concerns are being solicited. Please take time to fill out this form. If you wish to have a reply, please list your name & phone number.


I have a question about our School. I would like to know….


I have an idea to Improve........Here it is..


Signature (optional) _______________________________________

Telephone (optional) ______________________________________

4th Grade G.O.O.D. Students

Our 4th grade students participate annually in the G.O.O.D. (going on or defeated) program. Ron Derry, former educator, discusses his handicap with the students and talks to them about the decision he had to make when he lost his sight. He could either go on or be defeated. He encourages the students to always try their best and each 9 weeks one student who exemplifies the spirit of this program is chosen from each classroom to receive a G.O.O.D. t-shirt. The students’ chosen for these 9 weeks are: Claire H., Ryder N., Elle F., Grace T., Dylan H., Jasmine J.