Dylan's goals

Mis.Richards'5th grade 2015

my strenghts and weaknesses

My strengths are social studies and weaknesses is math.Because it is hard for me.And social studies is my strengths because I make A on it.It is the one I do best in.

goals for this year

my language arts goal is writing.I well work on this by writing a lot.another goal I have is math.I am not very good at math.I will work on math so I can get better grades.And so my goal on my math will get better.

personal goal

My personal goal baseball I did not like my team last year.I will try to make my team better.

who can help me

one person who can help me is my coach.My coach can me hit better.my coach can help me throw too.

what might distract me

something that can distract me form reaching these goals is people who talk all the time.one way I can keep them from distracting me is not to listen to them.