Across the Board in D303

Notes from the District 303 School Board Meeting

January 13, 2021

School Board

Nick Manheim, President

Carolyn Waibel, Vice President

Jillian Barker, Secretary

Heidi Fairgrieve

Becky McCabe

Ed McNally

School Board meetings are held on the first Monday of the month and alternate between the Administration Center and school locations. All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and the public is invited to attend. Agenda packets are available at

Next School Board Meeting:

February 8, 2021

Thompson Middle School

School Board Vacancy

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Manheim announced that he had received the resignation of school board member Mr. Michael Bryant. The School Board has 60 days to accept applications and appoint a new member. More information about the process is available on the district website.

Superintendent's Report

COVID-19 Vaccines

  • Dr. Pearson reported that our school nurses have had access to the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Governor Pritzker announced yesterday that many areas of Illinois have completed Phase 1A of vaccine distribution and will soon be moving to Phase 1B. Phase 1B includes school district employees.

Senior Celebrations

  • The high schools sent surveys out to graduating seniors and their parents asking for volunteers to serve on committees. The committees are charged with creating ways to celebrate our 2021 graduates during the second semester
  • Over 100 people from both schools responded by the January 11 deadline

Committee Reports

School Board members recapped committee meetings that occurred in December.

For Action

O&M Capital Projects Transfer Resolution

  • The transfer from Operations and Maintenance to the Capital Projects fund is being done to replenish funds spent during fiscal year 2019-20. Funds transferred from O & M to Capital Projects cannot be returned or transferred back

  • There are two reasons why the transfer is being made now:

  1. The project at Haines concluded earlier than anticipated
  2. The Thompson project close-out was extended

  • The resolution to transfer funds in the amount of $900,000 from the Operations & Maintenance Fund to the Capital Projects Fund was approved by a vote of 6-0

Norris Cultural Arts Center Rent Relief

  • At the December Business Services meeting, Dr. Chapman reported that the Norris Cultural Arts Center requested rent relief due to a lack of programming

  • The Board approved the administration’s recommendation to approve a 50% rent reduction to the Norris Cultural Arts Center equivalent to four (4) quarterly payments of $1,327.50 by a vote of 6-0

VMware Carbon Black EDR License Purchase

  • Carbon Black is an Endpoint Detection and Response system that would further harden D303 information systems from the rising threat of cybersecurity breaches seen targeting schools.
  • The School Board approved the purchase of the Microsoft Select Agreement at a total cost of $39,900 by a vote of 6-0

Consent Agenda

  • The School Board pulled item 6H (Deep Equity contract) from consent agenda.
  • The Board approved a motion to move discussion of the Deep Equity contract to the Learning and Teaching meeting on February 16.
  • The Board approved the remaining items from the Consent Agenda by a vote of 6-0
For a complete list of action and consent items that were approved, please visit Boardbook or click the link below.

Agendas and meeting minutes from the School Board meetings are accessible online via BoardBook.