The Five Senses

By Tyler Hodgson

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Five 5 Senses Human Body- -Part 1-kindergarten,preschool,toddlers


We use our ears to hear sounds around us. All sounds create vibrations which move through the air into our ears. There are three parts of the ear: The Outer, The Middle and The Inner ear. The sounds vibrations travel first through the outer ear and then through the middle ear and last they move through the inner ear. The vibrations send a message through the nerves to the brain. As well as hearing the ear helps us to keep balanced.

A person who can’t hear is called deaf. They can’t hear the sounds around them and this can be dangerous. Deaf people can sometimes get a hearing aid which helps them to hear better.


We use our eyes to see the things around us. The eye is like a camera. Light travels into our eyes through the pupil. At the back of the eye is called the Retina where the light shines onto. The lens helps the pupil to focus the light and also to protect the eye. The optic nerve sends the message to your brain.

People that can’t see are called blind. Blind people cannot see things around them and they may need glasses, a special cane or even a guide dog to help keep them safe. Some people (like me!) are colour blind, this means that they can’t see all colours. They might be able to see some, but not all the same colours as everyone else


We use our tongue to taste things that we eat or drink. Our tongue is covered with tiny taste buds which find the flavour of anything we eat. The different flavours that our taste buds can sense are: Salty, Sweet, Sour or bitter. Different places on the tongue can taste different flavours.

Taste can tell us what food we like and don’t like. If you didn’t have taste all food would taste the same. You would not like anything and you wouldn’t know what food was good or bad.


We use our nose to smell things around us. When we breathe in air through our nostrils we breathe in odor particles. When the odor particles touch the hair in our nose a message from the hairs is sent to the brain. If you didn’t have smell you wouldn’t be able to smell stuff that might be dangerous like smoke from a fire.


We use our skin, all over our body, to touch. Inside our skin there are nerve endings which help us to feel sensations. There are four touch sensations that we can feel these are, heat, cold, contact and pain. The nerve endings send the messages to our brain. If we didn’t have our sense of touch we wouldn’t know when we touched something hot or cold or feel contact or feel any pain.

Tyler's Sense Profile!

Sound - Music - Impossible by James Orther

Sight- My family

Taste- McDonalds!

Smell- Chocolate

Touch- Soft toys