Junior High Band Notes

February 5, 2019


We are two weeks away from hosting the IGSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival. Thank you for those of you who have signed up to volunteer. WE ARE SHORT ON VOLUNTEERS.. If you are in town and free, please sign up for a time slot to volunteer. The #1 job we need covered right now is contest room monitors.

You can sign up to volunteer at this link below. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0E4BACA629A2FD0-solo

A few of the time slots are for the entire day, but most of them are either an AM or an PM shift. If you are able to work the entire day, please consider signing up for both AM and PM time slots.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you in advance for volunteering to help us out. Please remember that we host this event once per decade, so this will not be a request that I send out on a yearly basis.

Set up after school on Friday, February 22

We will need all available students to stay after school the day before the festival (Friday, February 22nd) to help us set up the school. Unless students have an after-school activity or event they cannot miss, we will need them to help us. Students can take the activity bus home.

Solo Times

The students will receive a handout with their solo times in band tomorrow. Be sure to ask your son or daughter for this information. If you want to double check your son or daughter's solo time, send me an e-mail and I will tell you.

Practicing for the Festival

As far as our students and their preparation for the festival, Please make sure that your son or daughter is practicing their solo at home. The instruments must be taken home on weekends and on days before their band lesson. Many of the kids should have a CD recording of their solo that came with their solo book. Even if they don't have a CD, most solos can be found on YouTube. I highly recommend that the students listen to recordings of their solo as they practice. Mr. Meyer and I will prepare the students to the best of our ability during lesson time but the success will ultimately be determined by the students’ work ethic preparing their solos at home. Students will be receiving their exact solo times in band next week.

Piano Accompanists

If they haven't already, the students should soon begin practicing with their piano accompanists. We recommend 2-3 practices with the accompanist before the festival. You should have heard from your accompanist by now. If you have not, please get in touch with them to schedule some rehearsal time. Students who are using Mrs. Leonard can sign up to meet with her at least twice after school at the Junior High before the contest. She posted a sgn up sheet on the whiteboard in the music room.

Mrs. Leonard- aleonard@lisle202.org

Mrs. Sutton- phyllisasutton59@gmail.com

Parker Barrette- snoopygirl1968@gmail.com

Mrs. Boesso- sboesso@yahoo.com


All jazz students will perform at our annual Cabaret Night on February 16th. The event begins at 7:00 PM. Students will meet in the high school choir room at 6:15 PM to warm up. Please join us for the evening! For those who have not attended before, we decorate the high school gym and you can enjoy food, drinks, a raffle, and wonderful live entertainment from the LJHS and LHS Jazz Bands (with a special appearance by the Lisle alumni band.)

Ticket information can be found in the Cabaret Mailer that we handed out to the student in class. I have also attached it below. Ticket orders can be returned to myself , Mr. Meyer, or Mr. Gumina, and we must have all ticket orders no later than next Wednesday, February 13th. After we finish playing, you will hang out at your tables, enjoy food and drinks, and watch the rest of the bands perform.

If you are going to be in attendance, please consider volunteering to help. You will NOT be scheduled to volunteer during your child's performance time. Our band parents doing an incredible job putting on this event, and your willingness to volunteer is greatly appreciated. I know that they especially need help in the kitchen at this time. https://volunteersignup.org/T4HP9

Cabaret Night Afternoon Rehearsals

We will be having an afternoon rehearsal at he high school the day of Cabaret Night. The Jazz Band will rehearse at 12:00, and the Jazz Ensemble will rehearse at 12:20. Please make arrangements to be there.

Cabaret Night Raffle Tickets

Cabaret Night is our biggest fundraiser of the year, so to help raise funds, the students received a manila envelope of yellow raffle tickets in band on Friday. These tickets are for the Cabaret Night Grand Raffle and we ask that they do their best to sell the entire stack of tickets. They should not go door to door- simply selling them to family and friends will suffice. There are some very cool prizes to be won in the grand raffle and you do not have to be present at Cabaret Night to win a prize.

These tickets help raise funds for our band program for music, scholarships, clinics, and equipment. There are 25 raffle tickets in each envelope and tickets are $1 each . If all $25 are bought at once, the price is only $20. When the students sell a ticket to someone, that person should write their name and phone number on the yellow ticket and return it to the student along with the payment. Students will turn in all sold and unsold tickets with payment by Wednesday, February 13th.

Looking Forward to March

We have three performances in the month of March. More information will be coming in our next newsletter.

Saturday, March 2nd- Jazz Ensemble Performs at IGSMA Jazz Band Contest at Hinsdale Middle School. Our performance time is 8:00 AM, and the bus will leave LJHS at 6:50 AM.

Saturday, March 16th- Symphonic Band performs at IGSMA Band Contest at Clarendon Hills Middle School. Performance time is still TBA.

Tuesday, March 19th- All students perform at our District Band Festival. The concert is at Lisle High School and it begins at 7:00 PM.