Lawler Orchestra

Digital Winter Concert 2020


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Program Notes:

00:14 - Combined Advanced Orchestras
  • Star Spangled Banner arranged by Sandra Dackow

1:44 - Beginner Orchestra

  • Jingle Bells
  • Ode to Joy

3:18 - Philharmonia Orchestra

  • Good King Wenceslas (Performed by select members)
  • The Red Lion by Jeremy Woolstenhulme

4:46 - Sinfonia Orchestra

  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Performed by select members)
  • Deep Sea Fandango by Deborah Baker Monday

6:48 - Camerata Orchestra

  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Performed by select members)
  • Escape by Kevin Sluder

9:03 - Chamber Orchestra

  • The Holly and the Ivy arranged by Brian Balmages (Performed by select members)
  • Water on Mars by Kevin Sluder
Lawler Orchestra Winter Concert 2020 - Harps

Harp Ensembles

0:00 - 6th Grade Harp Ensemble

1:19 - 7th Grade Harp Ensemble Story

4:55 - 8th Grade Harp Ensemble Story

Student Collaborations

While combining our sounds on a daily basis is not possible through zoom, there are some amazing apps and programs available that make it possible for small groups to create a digital music project from home. We introduced our students to a few of these possibilities and encouraged them to work together, problem solve, and create their own digital performances. These are the collaborations that students created outside of school time with no assistance from a director - these creations were not for a grade, but for the pure enjoyment of making music. Enjoy!
Student Collaborations Updated


Region Recognition 2020
Student Recognitions Fall Semester 2020

Thank You

Thank you so much parents for the support you provide your student in their musical education. We appreciate you!

Thank you Mr. Sluder for the MANY hours you put in on editing videos and mixing audio this fall! And for being an awesome partner leading the Lawler Orchestras each day.

Thank you Mrs. Park for the amazing education you provide our harp students.

Thank you to our Booster President, Bridget Igbineweka, for the constant flow of chocolate this year :) We needed it!

Thank you to our wonderful private lesson teachers that are constantly working behind the scenes to help our students be the best musicians they can be.

Thank you to Devan Bell at CHS Orchestra for her support of the Lawler Orchestra program

And Thank you to our fantastic admin at LMS and Frisco ISD!