Saxton Awards 22.10.21

Rainbow and Values Awards


Rainbow Awards:

Mira Mosshammer - your super hard work in phonics and reading this week.

Aston Gautrey - your maths work. You used the column method in maths for the first time. Well done - super listening and concentration.

Ben, Seb and Mrs Miles - sharing your beliefs and reasons for chanting. It was lovely to share this with you and giving Willow an insight into Buddhism.

Iris O'Neill - a great attitude to your lessons this week. You have set a wonderful example to the rest of the class.


Rainbow Awards:

Alex Southern, Maisie Bird and Florence Mooring - for the outstanding progress that you have made when subtracting with exchanges in maths.

Marley Hirst, Rhys Clutton and Gracie Goodbarn - for always remembering to play sensible games on the playground.


Rainbow Awards:

Reuben Batley - for a wonderful attitude in all aspects of school work but especially with Times Tables Rockstars.

Ivy Hawkins - for always demonstrating a cheerful and enthusiastic attitude to her school work! Well done Ivy!