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Upcoming Events at Skyview

January 8 - Home & School Meeting 9:30 a.m.
January 13 - Skyzone Bounce Night 5 - 8 p.m.
January 14 - Spelling Bee - 9 a.m.
January 18 - Schools and Offices Closed
January 19 - PMEA Band Festival
January 20 - Math screening testing grade 6 (Constellations and Astronomers)
January 21 - Math Screening testing grade 6 (Celestials and USA)
January 28 - Math screening testing grade 6 (all teams)

7th Grade Honors Course Information

This reference sheet is designed to help families understand the data points examined by Skyview teachers when determining if a student qualifies for honors level courses at Arcola. While we are still very early in our academic year we felt it would be beneficial for families to be aware of this information.

There are honors level courses available in each core academic area at Arcola Intermediate School. Students qualify for placement in these courses by meeting specific data requirements. Please note averages will be comprised from the first three marking periods.


· 95% or higher average scores for comprehension

· minimum overall 90% average in 6th grade English for first three marking periods

· Minimum IRL of 7.5 as shown by STAR reading assessment

· 90% or higher average on Accelerated Reader Assessments

· Exceeds a combined actual total of 3,000 pages for grade 6 IRP in marking periods 2 and 3. Double pages will be counted as single pages for this total.


· 95% or higher average in 6th grade English

· 95% or higher average in 6th grade Reading

· 90% or higher average on all major assessed writing in 6th grade English


· 90% or higher average in major tests

· 95% or higher average


90% or higher average in major tests
95% or higher average


There are three courses at 7th grade: Honors Algebra, Honors Pre-Algebra and Pre-Algebra.

In order to determine which course a student qualifies for in 7th grade we will look at several data points.

In the “first round” we look at data points including: scores on common (chapter) assessments, mid-year Study Island benchmark score and scores on two (2) universal screening tests that all 6th grade students will take in January. (Families will be notified of dates of these screeners in January.) Students earn points on a rubric for each of these areas. Students may then qualify for the “second round” of testing (based on the number of points earned on the rubric.) Students who do not move on to the second round of testing will be recommended for Pre-Algebra. Those students moving on to the second round of testing will receive written notification.

In the “second round” of testing students who qualify take two further tests (multiple choice and open-ended.) The purpose of the second round of testing is to determine eligibility for the honors level classes. Students again earn points on a rubric for their performance on each of these tests. Based on the results and points accumulated on the rubric students are then recommended for Honors Algebra, Honors Pre-Algebra or Pre-Algebra.

The Skyview staff is responsible for providing data to determine if a student meets the requirements for honors level courses. All students receive a letter from Arcola (typically in early June) with a listing of courses they will be scheduled for during their 7th grade academic year.