Wildcat Weekly

Week of January 18


  • Ms. Ibarra for representing Dorsey at the district science fair.
  • All of the teachers that are taking time out of their weekend to help students reach their goals. Ms. Calico, Ms. Gomez, Ms. Ibarra, Ms. Velarde, Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Banda, Ms. Adeniji, Ms. Hall, Mr. Hambly, Ms. Thorton, Ms. Mclaren, Ms. Rangel, Mr. Dacpano, Ms. Beltran, Mr. Howell, Ms. Apena, Ms. Silva
  • Ms. Goode, Ms. Frazier, Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Ramirez for taking time out of their Saturday to help with logistics.
  • Ms. Johnson for a great PTA program, our 3rd graders did an excellent job.
  • Ms. Sifuentes for working with parents to ensure they have access to parent portal.
  • Everyone for a successful Parent/Teacher Conference.

Professional Development Opportunities

Below are just a few professional development opportunities. Please click here to go directly to the Professional Development Online Catalog for a complete list.

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STAAR Intervention Academies

Below are STAAR intervention academies for teachers. These academies will be held at Gilliam Collegiate Academy. If you are scheduled for Saturday School; however you would like to attend one of these sessions, please let me know ahead of time so we can continue with our Saturday school plan.
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Deadline set for employees to acknowledge notification of district policies- JANUARY 31

Human Capital Management reminds all employees to log on to DISD Employee Self-Service in Oracle and click on the DISD Annual Policy Acknowledgment to read and electronically complete the following:

  • The Annual Notification of District Policies
  • 2015-16 Employee Handbook

Go here to download step-by-step directions for completing the acknowledgement. Upon completion, a confirmation of acknowledgment will be sent to your district e-mail. The Annual Employee Notification of District Policies contains several policies that all district employees are required to read, adhere to, and acknowledge annually. All district employees are expected to complete this acknowledgement no later than Jan 31.


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Week at a glance:

This week announcements: 1C

Monday-January 18

Martin Luther King Jr.

Tuesday-January 19

3rd six weeks awards

  • PK/K- 8:30AM
  • 1st/2nd- 9:30AM
  • 3rd/4th- 10:15AM
  • 5th- 11:45AM

Tutoring K-2 (3:15-4:00)

STAAR Tutoring 3-5 (3:15-4:30)

Wednesday-January 20

Gomez Baby Shower (Library)

NO CLUBS (except Robotics)

Thursday-January 21

STAAR Tutoring 3-5 (3:15-4:30)

Friday-January 22


STAAR Saturday School 8:45am - 12:15pm

**Clubs will begin January 27**