The Messenger of the God's

The Beginning

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  • Hermes was born on the mountain Cyllene unexpectedly
  • On the first day Maia (mother) decided to take a nap, then Hermes escaped the mountain
  • Now his personality is revealed as he creates Lyre and steals Cattle from Apollo
  • His father Zeus recognizes his skills and assigns him the task of the messenger

His Outfit

Relativity to Birth


  • Most appearing god in Greek Mythology throughout all stories
  • Took the dead to the underworld (psychopomp)
  • Was the messenger to all gods
  • Hermes is the god of shepherds, merchants, literature, athletics and thieves
  • Responsible for bringing dreams to mortals
  • Brilliant thief and inventor


  • Hermes frequently lends aid to heroes. For example, he joined Athena in helping Perseus, and gave a sword to the young Heracles.
  • Hermes often sends a message or an object, especially for Zeus.

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