College Composition & Research

By: Lauren Mason

Self Reflective Essay

For this essay the class had to write a reflection over the whole semester on how we have improved. Also what things we still need to work on
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Pre- write/ Post -Write Essay

This essay was wrote in the first week of starting the class. At the end of the semester, the class had to go back to this essay and revise it.
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Narration Essay

For this essay the class was given prompts to choose from. I chose an event that has significantly change my life. I wrote about my parents divorce.
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Editorial Essay

The objective of the Editorial Essay was to pick a topic from a list. With this essay we had to state our opinion about it.
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Summary #1

This is a summary paragraph of an article that was assigned to my group. As a group we read over the article and summarized it.
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Summary #2

For this assignment, the class had to go to and pick an article. With that article, the class had to individually write a summary paragraph over it.
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Summary/ Response Essay

The students had to choose between summary #1 and summary #2 on which one they wanted to write a paper on. In the paper the students had to state their opinion on the subject.
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Interview Essay

The class interviewed a couple people. Between those people we had to choose who we wanted to write this essay over. I chose The Switchback Kids.
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Argumentative Essay

For this essay, the objective was to pick a topic and state the view points of it as your own. I chose how organic food is healthier than non organic food.
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Screen Cast #1

5 Pieces of Writing Advice

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Reflection of My Best Essay