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Benefits of Text Message Marketing vs. Email Marketing

At first look email advertising and marketing and SMS or text message marketing are one in the same. There are several subtle differences that make a huge difference.

With both message and e-mail advertising you are conserving money. You have actually built a data source of email addresses and contact number from your existing customer base. You understand they like your product and you aren't throwing money out the window on a hope that whoever reviews your ad is interested.

While these databases are populated with individuals who have elected to get your messages, have actually bought from you formerly and who will do so again, you have a much greater chance of your message being received through text message.

Think of your own e-mail vs. text messages. Statistics have program that out of every 100 advertising and marketing messages sent by means of email only 25 % are reviewed vs. almost 97 % of text messages.

Your SMS messages are gotten instantaneously and review within 15 minutes. If a customer gets the message that your promo is going on while they are on the go, it can be only minutes prior to you make your first sale.
Text messaging projects often tend to be much easier for a customer to redeem. No printing or jotting down codes. They have only to go to business and show them the message on their phone to redeem the promotion.
The east bay marketing consultant has so many advantages. While it is slightly more expensive than email advertising and marketing it provides many even more perks that cause sales.