Great Falls Central Catholic High School 11.6.2019

Handbook Highlight-Absence Policy


The maximum unexcused absences allowed per semester is 10 days.

If a high school student exceeds the maximum allowable absences for any given class/course for an academic grading term, he/she shall not receive credit for that class/course. After a student has reached 10 absences in a semester, no work will be accepted from that student for any days missed beyond the 10 allowable absences. Work may be defined as any written assignment, quiz, test, science lab, project presentation, etc. In these circumstances, GFCC may deny the student admission into the next grade level at GFCC and/or require the student to successfully participate in summer school in order to advance to the next grade level.


EXCUSED ABSENCE: An absence must be excused by the parent before, the day of, or the day following the day of the absence. Excused absences may include: illness, serious illness or death in the immediate family, scheduled medical or dental appointments, emergency situations approved by the Administration, requirements to satisfy the law, and pre-arranged absences requested by the parent and for which student work is made up in advance.

UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: An unexcused absence is defined as an absence of a student from school, school liturgy (Mass), or other school activities that have not been authorized by the parent or school personnel, or for reasons considered unacceptable by the school. Examples of unexcused absences are:

  • Failure to sign out of the building during the school day.
  • Failure of the student’s parent to clear an absence by phone or email before the start of the school day following the absence.
  • Unauthorized absence including a tardy beyond the 15 minute limit.
  • Student detained by the legal authorities for legal action.
  • Leaving the classroom without the teacher’s permission.
  • Skip Days (truancy)
  • Leaving school without permission and/or prior notification to the attendance secretary by a parent, or administrator.
  • An out-of-school suspension or expulsion (with no credit).


We are celebrating at GFCCHS! Our new bookkeeper and Advancement Director are working hard to help our school get to a place of financial stability. As of today, we can say that we are on a path to being in the black for this entire year. That is a tremendous achievement for our school and we are grateful for your support and the dedication of our staff.

One of the opportunties we have been given is permission to hold our Celebration event again! We are currently booked at the Civic Center on April 18th for an amazing evening of fabulous food, terrific music, and an all-around good time. We can't wait to get our event underway, but we can't do it without your help and support. Wes Ross, our Advancement Director, and Hugh Smith are both going to be busy working on this project. Reach out to them by email at advancement@greatfallscentral.org to let them know what you'd like to help with. We will still be supporting the Holy Trinity Ball, but we won't be co-sponsoring it this year.

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Christmas Green Athletic Fundraiser for Middle and High School

Hello Mustang supporters, its that time of year. Your Mustang student athletes will be selling the Christmas Green cash calendars. Each calendar is only $20.00 and 100% of the proceeds go directly to supporting Mustang athletics. The other cool part is you can win a daily cash prize! Purchase of a card or cards will also provide you FREE access to all Mustang middle school games as well as reduced price on admission to all high school games. Its a win - win! Thank you for your continued support of our amazing student athletes.
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Called to Excellence

There are a lot of reasons parents choose private education for their children. Some want small classes and more individual attention for their child. Others enjoy the athletic opportunities offered at a small school. Many parents want a partner in the faith formation of their child and many private schools can offer that. All parents expect strong academics at a private school, but that might just be one component of a whole package that attracts a family to select a private education.

The Catholic Church uniquely positions its schools to focus on the spiritual, physical and academic development of each child in our care in collaboration with parents. Our schools are to work closely with parents, listen to their concerns, and hold them in high esteem. We value the contribution of the family and expect parents to take active roles in the schools as volunteers and in support of the teachers, policies, and financial health of the school.

Our own Canon Law requires that a Catholic school offer instruction that is at least as academically challenging as the local schools around it. I have always said that we offer an excellent education in Catholic schools, but I think it is important for everyone to know that we must offer an excellent education because we are Catholic. We are the only private school that mandates the instruction and the quality of teachers be no less distinguished than those of the public schools. As the only state accredited private school in our area, we take academic excellence and raise it even farther, by expecting excellence in faith and personal development as well. We exceed the standards the state sets for public schools.

I take the call to excellence very seriously. It is my own mission to ensure that the education at Great Falls Central be the highest quality, that our teachers be the best and most supported teachers available, and that your students have the safest environment possible. I want to make sure that when your children graduate from this school, they are prepared for college or for their career with academic skills, spiritual habits, and life skills that will ensure their happiness and fulfillment of God's vocation in their lives. Thank you for choosing GFCCHS.

Play offs are getting exciting

With our volleyball team placing in Choteau last week and heading to Wolf Point this week, things were quiet around the school Wednesday. They have one more game Friday before heading home after a very challenging first year competing in Class B. We are hoping they feel our good vibes!

Our football team defeated Ekalaka on Saturday and advanced again this week as well. They will be playing at Memorial Stadium on Saturday at 1:00 again against Flint Creek. The Hi Ho Tavern will be hosting a Tailgate Party for our fans at 11:00 as well. We have amazing support for our teams.

If you're not lucky enough to be at the game, listen in to 99.9 ESPN, or to Network1 sports on the internet. A world wide Mustang win with Baker Bob and Coach Mac calling it for you.

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Mustang Spirit Gear In Time For Christmas

Thursday, Nov. 7th, 9pm to Friday, Nov. 15th, 11:45pm

This is an online event.

The holiday season is almost here and we have an excellent opportunity for you to purchase the latest and greatest Mustang apparel. The attached link is an online store and the only thing is in order to get your orders shipped to you by the holiday season the store will be only open until 11/15/2019! Feel free to share with family, friends and on your social media pages. Thank you and #GoMustangs


Upcoming Events

  • Details for the Senior Retreat, 11/17-18
  • Brush Crazy Night for the music program
  • Details on Drop and Shop in December, complete with a Santa visit
  • Grades posted in Renweb for 1st Quarter