Monclova Primary

Weekly Bulletin

Events for Week of October 3 - October 9

Monday, October 3

Granite City Dine Out Night (20% to Monclova for dine in OR carry out)

RtI Meetings - schedule was shared

Tuesday, October 4

RtI Meetings - schedule was shared

Wednesday, October 5

Fitness Day

Social Committee - 8:00 am - Susan's room

Thursday, October 6

Admin meeting - 9:00 am - Betsey out

Friday, October 7

MAPS Movie Night - 6:45 pm


Thank you:

staff members that attended Jim "Basketball" Jones Wednesday night. It means a great deal to parents and students to see you there and with your families. Thanks for the extra time!

those that have taken time to complete surveys! In order to make effective changes, it is important to hear your ideas.


SLOs due October 10, scoring takes place on October 11.

Sign Up Genius for parent conferences should be sent out the week of Oct. 17. Jill updated the instructions so you can add the dinner hour in and share the document with her so the office has everyone's schedule.

RtI meetings Monday and Tuesday, please have your data ready to share, questions and concerns written down. Time is limited so the team will need to work efficiently! RIMP turned into Jill and a copy of RtI plans turned into Betsey. All RtI plans, RIMPs and on-track letters sent home on October 14.

Teachers please make sure the window on your door is uncovered. The only time it is appropriate to cover the window is in a lock down drill.

Again this year, each teacher will need to keep a log of 3 extra hours with parents. This is outside of 504, Planning, IEP or other like meetings. The log form has been shared with you, it's called Contact Log pdf.

If you do not have a parent signed up to chair your class basket for the silent auction, please make another request. Susan Dukes is overseeing this part of Family Fun night this year, please email her the name of your parent or email her if you have made many requests and still can't get a volunteer.

The two hour delay schedule has been updated with the correct tutor schedules. Also, on 2 hour delays, the specials teachers will NOT have their end of the day duty assignments for interventions.

Words of Wisdom and Action..............................

October kicks off our Growth Mindset traits with ENTHUSIASM. Please remember to focus class activities, lessons, and/or discussions on enthusiasm!


  1. intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

    "her energy and enthusiasm for life"

    synonyms:eagerness, keenness, ardor, fervor, passion, zeal, zest, gusto, energy, verve, vigor,vehemence, fire, spirit, avidity

Radiate Enthusiasm in All That You Do

Paul J. Meyer - March 26, 2008

Everyone has seen people who never seem to lose, or when they do, they bounce right back and win again. They seem to have the "Midas Touch." Everything they touch turns to gold. What is the golden thread that runs through these people? This thread is enthusiasm - the common denominator of success.

More than any other characteristic or trait of human personality, enthusiasm is the edge that helps people succeed - as a parent, student, employee, leader, or whatever role they may play. Enthusiasm radiates a message to people that you are happy, confident, and prosperous in all your endeavors.

When you turn on the power of enthusiasm in your life and when you apply it in lavish quantities to every area of your life, you put the world's most powerful force to work for you.

Think about the power of enthusiasm:

-Enthusiasm persuades without pressure.

-Enthusiasm glows, permeates, and immediately captures the interest of others.

-Enthusiasm sparks excitement inside you that makes you "wake up and live!"

-Enthusiasm overcomes the emotional temperature of any situation.

-Enthusiasm paves the way for new ideas.

-Enthusiasm produces confidence that cries to the world: "I've got what it takes!"

-Enthusiasm spreads like an eagle soaring in the wind. Enthusiasm blasts every obstacle from your path.

-Enthusiasm is like the yeast that raises the dough.

-Enthusiasm sways the will of another into harmony with your own goals.

-Enthusiasm draws others to you and electrifies them with positive thinking.

Practice enthusiasm in every facet of your life. Saturate yourself with enthusiastic confidence. Become a true enthusiast - a person with thoughts that breathe and words that ignite action - and make everything you do turn to gold!