All About Me

By: Kain Perez

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The reason drumming is important to me is because its who I am. I am a drummer its not just a hobby to me it who I am Its what i do. And what I do is awesome. Its what i wanna do with my life. Drumming is a way of life
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Religion Is also another big thing to who I am. Without religion i wouldn't be who i am today. I wouldn't be able to do the things i'm able to do now. Religion has helped me through my life, because i know that when i'm in need or in trouble i can turn to my religion.
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Sour Patch Kids c:

The reason this candy means a lot to me isn't because they taste good. Its what they remind of that has a great significance to me. They mean a lot to me because that is a candy me and Diana shared at the movies on our first date.
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This maybe be just a fruit to other people, just a another food. This fruit to me is a symbol of my relationship with Diana. For the reason being we would use the word mango as a code word for "I love you"
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Music Is a way to escape from problems and reality. Music is the best thing on earth. It is a way to relax, a way to get pumped up and have fun.
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Family. That is a big word. My family is the biggest part of my life. They would encourage me to do my best and nothing but my best. They would get on to me sometimes but they did because they love me.